Jun. 26th, 2017

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[ Someone is not happy. ]

WHAT? You're actually going to let that Hakuba Bastard catch me?

I don't know if you just forgot or what but I'm supposed to be intangible.
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You shouldn't be so nervous with me. I'm more than patient enough to let you learn the way I speak.

I am proud that you've come this far alone. Despite what you may say to yourself, you must remember... A negative voice cares nothing but destruction. You are much stronger than you realize you are. You're going to be alright.
andcleverness: (pic#10502951)
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I suppose I'm just here because you're feeling nostalgic, with it being twenty years since the first Harry book came out.

[ she sounds almost annoyed, but then smiles. ]

Time certainly flies.
deathrace: DO NOT STEAL (DEAD END)
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If you're coming along for the ride, you'd better buckle up.
realheel: (RUTH | 06)
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So this is like an audition? Or a dress rehearsal? I didn't get any sides. You... don't know what those are.

Okay, that's fine. I haven't gotten any of those in a while anyway. And I'm not looking for work, for once. I think. I'm not, right?

Just in case! )


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