Jun. 24th, 2017

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[He chuckles, raising his head and crossing his arms.]

Really, kid? You think you can handle this guy?

[He shoves two thumbs toward his chest, indicating, well, himself.]

Okay, okay. Sure. We'll give it a shot. What's the worst that can happen?

[A tiny tattoo version of him on his left pectoral muscles starts to waves it's arms around to get his attention and he looks down.]

What?! What do you mean be careful? Look at her!

[He motions toward his new mundane.]

She can't do anything to us!

[The way that little tattoo-him crosses its arms and stamps its foot suggest it doesn't agree.]

...whatever. You'll get over it.
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That's right! In just a few days, bear witness to my conquest of human history!

Pre-register now and receive your very own SR Nobunaga (Lily)!

[She's never going to take promoting this game seriously...]
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So because of this you finally let me out, to be to breathe to live. Why did you wait so long even after this news?

And just how do you think those two have gotten along without me? You know they'll get in trouble without someone sensible around. If they're even here! You don't know!

Why are you so frustrating?

And where's Chuy?


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