Jun. 21st, 2017

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If you want my advice you should take a long hard look at your abilities list before you even THINK of applying for a game. I know you have a love for neuroscience but you need to step carefully or people will see you as a Kilgrave or worse. Godmodding.

That being said try to come forward and ask people's opinions. They might help you flesh me out and I doubt they can be more critical then you are of yourself.

Mun, talk to people.
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I don't know if I'm ready to be a big brother. Can I stay younger?

[oh honey if only everyone had that as a choice]
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Mundune no.

Eight has been akumaized. Nine has pledged his allegiance to Endos. You don't need to be thinking on how to add me to this list

Stop it. Stop it right now. Just because I'll will myself into a zombie state doesn't mean finding a loop hole.
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Well, I'm really glad to finally get out here, mun! I was worried you were turning into one of those boring grown-ups. And you should really get to making journals for everyone else too, you know? It's not that fun being stuck in your head.

And you're thinking of bringing me to [community profile] entranceway? Maybe I should start reading up on those books then, so I know what to expect! Do you think I'll be able to make friends there?

[Don't worry, I'm sure you will.]


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