Jun. 20th, 2017

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It's been years since you thought to have me out like this, mun. I was... actually getting quite lonely! But I wonder... why the sudden change of heart? What made me wake up like this? I don't even know if I can do this anymore.


But we can try.
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Hello dear mun,

I know there's no place for me, and the great idea you had is one that no one else really likes, or wants, but, I can just keep posting to the diary (her journal) you gave me.

And your writing partner is working on a friend for me, so we'll be able to make the journey through the coming war together.

But as for now, it's June of 1941 and I have a spring dance to go to tonight! After all, it is the last dance I'll go to as a junior in high school!
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Unexpected. I neglect to see any reason for your abrupt change in motivation.

My upcoming birthday, unrelated entirely. Firstly, the date is incorrect. Secondly, there is no comprehensible correlation between a day of birth and the destruction of a universe.

[Consider it a second birth? Besides, you just want cake instead, don't you?]

... That is an unrelated matter.

I will consider going, provided there are stronger opponents than Shizuo-senpai present. If not, all meaning is lacking.
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Don't you think this is jumping the gun a little, lad? The series isn't coming out until August!

...Alright, I will give ye credit that it might have netted you a good journal name. Scrooge McDuck, both accurate and to the point. Shocking it wasn't already taken but the early bird caught the worm. Even if the early bird is outdoing the rooster right now. Really, you don't even know much about me this time round yet, do you? Well, I hope you pay attention come August; I won't abide inaccuracies in my protrayal! I have a reputation to uphold and I'm not about to have a youngster who hasn't earned his pay ruin it!

Also, you should stop listening to that theme song over and over. We all know where that's heading and you're a music student who's meant to be making your own music. Can't do that with a load of 'woohoo's stuck in your noggin!


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