Jun. 15th, 2017

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[The silent stare is pretty wary, and lasts for almost a minute before David crosses his arms over his chest, frown deepening.]

... I guess this is worth it just to know someone, thinks she didn't die. [There was absolutely no tiny hitch in his voice, right there, nope.]

But if I miss out on talking to my father 'cause of you, I'm not gonna be thankful for this, just so you know.

[Well, obviously not.]
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What's a voice test? Sounds like somethin' you do after gettin' a sore throat.

[ she kicks her legs up, crosses her ankles one over the other. the playfully curious tilt of her head belies the skeptical, murky nature of her words. ]

Trust me, honey, you don't wanna try me on unless you got real sturdy garters.
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Well well, isn't this a pleasant surprise?

And here I thought you'd never let me in. And with the little earl no less, no butler in sight. [He doesn't seem at all disappointed.] Oh well, no matter. Perhaps you, or someone else here, can give me the first rate laugh I crave.

It's been so long since I had a good laugh, by the standards of the written material. Seeing that phoenix pose again through your eyes though, that was delightful!
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So this idea has come to fruition, has it? I cannot claim that my heart is not torn, as it is a bittersweet realization of what may come. Yet I remain true.

Love is still the greatest thing you'll ever learn.
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Hold up...

Are you cereal right now? This is legit. You're seriously considering wiping my entire brain like some fucking sci-fi creep-o for your own jollies?


Actually, I guess it's not completely shit-tastic, come to think of it. It's all over, reality's taken a shit. But it's not exactly a ballin' idea considering I'll be completely on my own. Again. You clearly haven't thought this through, and I'm not really cool with it.

Whatever. You're gonna do whatever the hell you want, right? So go for it.
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[The faintest of amused chuckles can be heard from underneath Samus's helmet. Her mun is certainly never on a shortage of enthusiasm for her; she's not complaining.]

It's good to be back. Looks like they're on the right track this time.

[And then, with an edge of playfulness:] Do you think you can last that long?
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So I'm glad you decided to make me super cute, but I think we both know as soon as the actual Sabrina shows up you're just gonna reboot this and play her. Even if her hair won't be as great as mine.

Why don't you play the old Sabrina? Retro is so in right now.
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Come on, Mun-chan, give it a rest already! You've been slaving over picking icons for what, two days now? Not that I don't appreciate the effort, but at this rate this "voice" or whatever of mine isn't gonna see daylight until the 30th century.

[B-but I--

But then Mako, Jupiter, Soldier of Caring, levels a tender smile.]

Look... I know you're a bit nervous and you want this to be perfect, the looks and the voice, especially since most of what you remember was from my "Lita" days. You've looked up to me since you were Chibiusa's age, right? But that's the thing, though, you KNOW me. We've been through so much together and have so much in common, and even if you get something wrong, that's what this voice test is for, right? Just play from your heart and you'll be perfect that way.

[... Thanks, Mako-chan.]

Anytime! Now go be great!

[You stole that from Pidge, didn't you?]

Ha, what can I say, I like it~!
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You wanna send me out into a city that's rebuilding and think it'll be fun... You realize that's been my life, right? Walking through the ruins of what used to be a happy place that people are now just trying to make the best out of a shitty situation. I don't settle down anymore, I lost that luxury. I don't make a lot of friends because they just tend to die and what if... What if something happens and I can't go back and fix it? What then? I'm done being haunted by the screams of the people I've lost.

I'm done. You hear me? Put me back in whatever little box you pulled me out of and walk away. It'll be easier for both of us.
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It is an honor to be admired so.

[That much is certain. Antiope's head is held high, for she is the Amazonian general for a reason, but there's no arrogance. Only humbled gratitude.]

As much as I appreciate your sincerity, however... I'm afraid I cannot stay. I am needed in Themyscira.

Return me.

[It's not a request; she's giving no room for argument.]


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