Jun. 13th, 2017

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 I understand you've missed me, but please take it easy. You need to ease your way into this "game" that you sent me to. I know how much you overwhelm yourself. You can't do everything, all of the time.

I'm happy that you're enjoying yourself though. Just be careful. With all of those spirits around sucking emotions in Genessia, things are pretty dangerous. And with Hana joining, I'm going to have to make she's okay as well. She's not going to be able to do as much without her meka.

We'll just have to be careful and take care of each other.

... No, I don't think the others need to "join us". I would be happy to see them, of course, but that doesn't mean you should drag them into this mess.

Also, why do you call me "mom"? I can't help but be protective of everyone; I'm a doctor, remember?
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Stabbed in just a week's time of arriving.

That's a record, even for me.

Usually it takes at least four weeks to a couple of months.
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You need to learn more of the bad words before you try to write me. I'm an expert. Shoulda listened more carefully to your students when they were cussing you out in class for--

Oh? That information's private? Private -- ha, pendeja, I wiped that word from Webster's databases like seven years ago. You want private, don't invite Sombra in your head. But OK. Guess it's mutual. I'm deep in your shit, you deep in mine. We'll make a deal. I keep your files under wraps and you'll owe me one. Say yes, querida, it'll be good for your peace of mind.

Mm. Stubborn. I can appreciate a girl with some cojones. I guess we have that much in common.
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It would have been better to have thought this out than to act on a whim.

(But, considering the circumstances...)

I should suggest you do what you mundanes call "canon review" first. I see you have a book available that should work for this. From there I would gather icons.

(A very slight raise of the eyebrow.) 

You seem surprised? I should remind you that I was created to serve. I have a duty to the crew and I understand that I may be able to see them again in this place, but, I should also note that in these circumstances this means I also have a duty to you. Is that not the case?


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