Jun. 12th, 2017

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I suppose it's about time.

Three years have passed. What a shame he has to be sent back, after being away for so long.


I imagine he appreciates the milk bath in place of the barbed wire this time.
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 Now is when you take interest? Leave it to a human to be late.

My story was done ages ago.
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You're excited.

It's not a bad thing. You were hoping for more of me and Uncle Pey'J but instead, they decided on a prequel. It's killing me too, I promise. I want to make sure Pey'J gets help. If he's even told me by the time the original trailer was made.

Who knows though, maybe we'll find out how I ended up with the power of the Dom'Z priest. Maybe you're right, maybe that woman at the end is related to me. It's all up in the air, not even Jade Reporting can get you answers now. We both have to wait.


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