Jun. 10th, 2017

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Okay, mun.

We've gotten along pretty well up until now. I really think we need to stop trying to make me an expert speller and stuff.

Can't I spend that time, I dunno, fighting those giant spiders in the West or, going fishing, or, napping? I mean, at least all the spiders'll do is kill me and eat me. Dying of boredom is not humane.

So, what do you say? Think we can just nix the school stuff?
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This'll do. Color definitely helps, not to mention actually looking more like me than, say, old concept art of the Persona 5 protagonist. Do I wanna know why you kept the one of me as a pony? On further reflection, the answer is "no, no I do not."

Also got this makeover for Sara in time for [community profile] synodiporia to plop her in the 80's. Appropriate. Hope you're taking care of her - the Arcana do not screw around any more than the invaders do, even if they're more likely to talk about their great game.

...you're doing this because you plan to send Sara to a Dungeon at some point, aren't you? And you want me and her other... potential... partners ready to help whoever comes in to help her escape.

Hurt her and you, and the Arcana, will have hell to pay. I don't care if this is a timeline where we're together or not and GOD, I hate VN routing bullshit. She's my teammate and our best hope besides that. We are in the business of breaking into dreams. You hurt her? Buenos suertes, feo.
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“N-Now listen here! I have deadlines to meet, experiments to run a-and I really can't leave my lab unattended while Dementia is on the loose.You may have all the time in the world, but do you have ANY idea how hard it is to invent a trans-dimensional reverse particle ray on a time crunch?! I-I have to fix this! Blackhatcouldbebackatanymoment!

[HNNNNNGHHHHHH. Okay, breathe.]

“Anyway you don’t know the first thing about me-- frankly a hero seems more your speed. C-Can't you just wait for a potential show release and leave me to work in peace? You don’t even have any tools for me to work with! How am I supposed-- If I didn’t know better, I’d say you WANT me to fail!!”


“...I take it back, you are suited for villainy.”


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