Jun. 9th, 2017

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Why am I getting dragged back out? Haven't you learned your lesson? No one cares.
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See? There was never really any doubt. You worry far too much, Mundane.

But put the thought of 'castmates' out of your mind right now. Ignoring for a moment the waste of time that it is to pine for something so unlikely, my new role is set. While I would never in a million years complain to see Lord Bowser, the possibility of me treating him with anything less than the reverence he deserves is mortifying, even if neither of us would know any better. And the absolute last thing I need to deal with is the Mario brothers, or any of those other meddlesome fools.

Focus on what's ahead of us. There's much work to do if we are to show Astraen our greatness.
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Nightwing. You think Nightwing has the best ass in comic books. Oh how you disappoint me. Don't get me wrong he's got an AMAZING ass but it's nothing compared to mine.
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Buckle up, bitch. Crazy Train's headed for Purgatory and guess who brought her super sweet conductor's hat.
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[Triggered by THIS post, and also triggered by Alois being an attention whore.]

[With an angelic smile donning his features, Alois addressed anyone within earshot.]

I just have a quick question for all of you out there..... which do you like better?

[See this is all perfectly innocent and harmless.]

Do you prefer blond hair or.. [a pointed pause] ... darker, blue-grey hair that looks more suitable for the head of a mop than a person? [Yes, Ciel. He is referring to your quaff]

Votes for Blonds: ||
Votes for Bleh: |


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