Jun. 8th, 2017

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I appreciate the thought, Player, but I don't think it's actually physically possible for you to punch Manchester Black in the face.

I wish you could though... I just want everything to be over... why is this all happening to me...
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So! This is it? I am to be doomed to death by passion at the hands of a pretty blonde?

Really, mun, I'm as confused by this as you are but for the sake of what little sanity I've left- could you refrain from cackling like a hyena at the prospects this brings with it? I am not as 'innocent' as you seem intent on insisting. Body perhaps but mind no- which is something else I lay full blame on you for.

Twenty years you left me in your mind and not even five months of active play; and this is how it ends!

[Dramatic Doctor is being Dramatic. While mun laughs hysterically!]
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This is wonderful, Mundane! Any one of these places you could send me to could have a potentially limitless supply of ancient tomes to decipher. Be sure you don't waste a lot of time and get me somewhere pronto, alright?

[ "Kosuzu, that gung-ho curiosity of yours is gonna get you killed one day..." ]


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