Jun. 6th, 2017

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That whole Power Bow thing, I can get way behind that. Jason can't be the only one out there with a weapon, leader or no.

And that party coming up- I wish I had all my makeup and stuff from home. It's a nice distraction at least from not being back in Angel Grove. Plus the movie will be out in a few weeks, I know what you have in mind.

Who knows, maybe some of my friends will show up.
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[An indignant snort escapes the gunslinger once he sees this title. He rolls his eyes as he averts his gaze. If there's one thing he hates, it's people making a fuss about his birthday.]

You know--[His voice might seem a tad raspier since he's just a little under the weather. Nothing serious. He managed to survive below zero temperatures in just a light jacket before back at Shadow Moses. He'll be fine.]

This day should be less about me and more about her. [He's speaking about the woman who brought him into this world kicking an screaming upon a battlefield.] Judging how the story goes, she could've died from how they butchered her. They yanked me out with no concern for her wellbeing.

I heard I left a nasty scar, one that lead from her abdomen all the way to her chest.

[He chuckles but it's a humorless laugh.]

The first person I almost killed was ironically my own mother. I suppose it makes sense, especially with what transpires---

[Ocelot is interrupted by a rather nasty cough that claims a hold of him for a minute. After a few attempts to clear his throat, he briskly continues.]

But that's neither here nor there, girl. You best be leaving this sentimental crap alone. I still don't like you.
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If I'm to live in this hell I desire his presence, but I know he won't come. I waited six years for nothing and I doubt I can do it again.
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It has been a day. Barely. And already you miss me, how quaint. I'm sure if you put your mind to it and stopped feeling like a pest, you might manage to find a game for me. Perhaps even Elizabeth and Sebastian, though I'm aware the latter is far more likely.

Then again, that film releases in what? A week? Perhaps it will raise affection for the Lady Elizabeth. And there is another chapter of the manga coming out in the next couple weeks, perhaps we'll find out more.

[Like that message carved in the wall meant?

His expression becomes cold and hard, abnormal for most children his age. Unless you know him.]

You know that I'm aware of it's meaning. That hardly means I will divulge it to you. Sebastian will fix it as soon as Prince Soma is left in Sullivan's care.
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Look, this is not going to be a fun month for either of us. Well, you maybe, but not me. Got a whole lot of heavy stuff heading my way, the least of which is the massive upheaval at the house. I mean, the whole 'fighting against impossible odds' thing is kind of old news after spending a decade doing it, but it is just as difficult now as it was in Qatar and Mission City. Especially when the opponents you think are dead have an annoying habit of popping up again years later with some new fancy upgrades.

But yeah, sure, maybe this new installment will answer some questions caused by the last one. Might not be the answers that we want but we'll deal with that when we get to it.

Back to the original point. Let's try to keep on top of things here. I'll have enough on my plate keeping tensions manageable at the house after Ratchet's return without having to worry about you keeping up with deadlines.


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