Jun. 5th, 2017

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I don't care how excited you are about my, uh, what was it, voice something? THAT GUY returning.

We have more important things going on. It's a pretty difficult time and...


...is that an Agumon t-shirt? And plushie?!
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You may not get very far if you simply stop playing every time you encounter any difficulty. If that worked, I doubt any of us would be where we stand now, and we'd simply have stayed on Earth to begin with. But if you're not willing to listen to counsel, there's hardly anything I can do about it. It's your game, after all, and you can play it however you wish.

-- Yours,
Lady Deirdre Skye
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But I don't know how to take care of them, mun.

I'm only almost fifteen, not a gillion years old and wise, and just because I can take care of Firewing and Titanbane doesn't mean I can do this. They're legends! What do reshiram eat? what about kyurem? More to the point, they're babies now, but babies grow so fast! What if I can't train them and they hurt someone? That's bad, so very very very B A D. Bad.

I - I can't just let them go, either. The parents are dead because of That man, and there's poachers and stuff and legend hunters, and they where kinda entrusted to me, so I- I have to be able to care for them. Somehow, without finding what I need a book, meaning this is gonna be super hard.

Plus, I'm gonna get in so much trouble for having eight pokemon on me, and three are super rare, and you know what means-!
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There are, I think, enough people in the world who have cause to think that I am someone who slept in on June 5th and almost missed what was happening. You may sleep all you like, but I will be where I belong.

Drowsiness is meaningless. Get up. Bake your galette , take your photographs. Do what you must, but do not let this day pass you by. Souvenez-vous de nous.
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I don't know what you expect to gain by having me around. Aren't there better people to pretend to be? Go bother one of them. They will have someone who might care.


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