May. 31st, 2017

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Hey whatever floats your boat.

Just, for the love of god and all that is holy, don't strand me on a planet like those little, green guys you keep dooming. I've been there already and it's not fun.
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Leave them out of this.

Wherever I end up, whatever I must do, I don't need to drag anyone else down with me.
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I've stayed quiet this far out of respect, mun. Even after the amount of crap you've put me through. -Yes, I mean the whole "almost strangled by Vanguard" thing.

But if you think I didn't notice what you're up to... you really underestimate the SHD's training. Just try not to make a fool out of me. That's all I'm asking.

- Parker
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I don't really understand your continued interest, but if you have asked my brother for permission, I suppose I have little say. [This is her life. She cannot meet the gaze of anyone, far too accustomed to begging.] Have you asked?
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So, you've remembered I exist. How thrilling. Do you expect me to be grateful? This isn't exactly my favorite incarnation. Do you know how much upkeep human bodies require? The amount of sleep alone is obscene. I don't know why he likes them so much.

So, are we going to find him or what?
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Oh no, you don't. I didn't escape the First Order just so you could send me out into [he makes a dramatic, sweeping gesture to indicate his surroundings.] whatever this is. I've heard things, lady. Bad things! Bad, all around! [okay, so that's a lie. maybe some things that happen in these places aren't terrible, but listen. he's on a roll now.]

I'm done being told what to do, like I don't know right from wrong. I'm done being ordered around. I have a mind of my own, okay? Just because it's fun for you to come in here and boss me around doesn't change that. That's what this is, right? You getting your kicks, making me run around like your puppet?

Well, no thanks. Put me back where you found me. I'll-- [he falters, here, and his next words carry a bit of uncertainty as he looses some of his steam.] I'll be fine. You'll see.

[whether or not Finn believes it, even he isn't one-hundred percent sure. but he is sure about his next statement. his voice is quiet, but undeniably steady.] And if not, then at least it was all for something good.

Voice test

May. 31st, 2017 10:13 pm
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Thank you, for considering me. I don't mind if you're unsure, practice will be the deciding factor in the end!

There's lots of games where it's impossible to finish them in one shot, you have to get used to the controls and learn the maps. A lot of danmaku games require precise timing, so the more you play them the better you get.

I feel this is the same. So don't worry, you'll do fine.... I think.
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Hey, hey, hey! What do you think you're doin', dragging me to some whacko upside down world?

I was perfectly happy mindin' my own buisness, you know! I don't need to be thrown into Memory-Loss Wonderland or that magical island where everyone's emotions are on display for the world to see!

So what if I don't have to worry about murder? At least I was in some state of normalicy back home! Besides, don't you have enough people in Wonderland?!
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Sooo uh...we're doing this again, huh?

What is this? The fifth or sixth time you've tried to find some kind of "game" you can integrate me in to?

Look, I know you mean well...for the most part. At least you're not willing to stick me in to one of those horror games you're usually interested in. I mean, those are fun to read and all, all kinds of campy horror drama and all that, but I really don't want any kind of personal part in one of them, so...thanks for that, I guess.

But that's kind of the problem, isn't it? It's right there in the name you gave this account. I'm social phobic. You're not going to put me into a game where I need to interact with people, and if you stick me in to one that's all mostly slice of life stuff, fantastical or other wise, you and I both know I'm just going dig a little corner of that game out for my self and stick to it. And probably not come out until you get bored and drop me. Yes, even if you stick me in that carnival game.

And I swear, if you do put me there and they make me some kind of attraction I will-!...I'll...I'll do something r
eally not pleasant...

...Actually, I'll probably just throw up. Still pretty unpleasant. Is that what you want? Predigested gummy worms and slushy spewed all over an unsuspecting audience? Because that's what's probably going to happen.

Just...If that's really the next game you're going to go for could you please just use someone else?Literally anyone else? I assure you, I one hundred percent do not mind you never actually sticking me in a game. I only just got to be kind of sort of comfortable with my own universe, I'm good with never getting thrown in to another one.

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It has been fourteen years since you, my dear, began making up stories about my life and that is only a drop in the bucket, a fraction of the time I have spent doing what ultimately amounts to the same. I am tired, in all iterations. "Pleace", as you and your very own bird say. You like that, don't you? A perfect portmanteau: a request for peace. What does that barter get me?

...I was not in the market for a renewal in focused interest. The one about the quiet bookstore in London. On land. I'd listen to that one, again. Which "quest item" will buy me that? Certainly I have a key or two on my person that can be spared from what would otherwise be its life as a hair ornament.


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