May. 29th, 2017

Voice Test

May. 29th, 2017 10:47 am
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I appreciate you giving me attention, but I don't have the time to play around. The boss put me in charge and I intend to use my position wisely-


I have to take this.


This is Answer. Ah! Thank you for returning my call. Yes, we're still on board with adding more entertainment options, and I believe I've found something new. How does a role playing vacation package sound? Visitors can choose their adventure and be their favorite hero. Costumes can be provided with additional costs, of course.

If that is something you'd be interested in funding, then-

[He's going to be at this for a while...]
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Son, you are a complete and total disappointment.

You have found what could possibly be the best of these "game" things to shove me into after a year of doing nothing and you are STILL dragging your rear end? As I understand it, the game is nearly perfect for our combined needs! Slow enough that you, with your inability to remember how games work, will be able to figure it out, a violent setting for me, free for all murder on one day every three months... Sure, it isn't a constant battle like 2fort or Doublecross, but it's something!

It doesn't even have a lot of paperwork to fill out like the other "games" you looked at do! You already have most of the things they want written what is taking you so long to fill it out! No! You do not have to go and watch movies! You will understand the game fine if you fill out the application first!

Stop procres... procraz... stop goofing off! You just re-read the comics last week! Stop making excuses, maggot! I do not need a rocket launcher and you know that. You have personally killed at least three BLU hippies with a riding crop, you should be well aware of just how deadly I can be without standard issue gear. So what if the game is new? That just means they do not have any rules yet about how MANY PEOPLE CAN BE SLAUGHTERED BY ME. Or "appropriate" purging attire! You don't know anyone there? I do not NEED to know a man's name before I snap his neck into a thousand different pieces!

Quit acting like a cowering Canadian and get back to kicking that paperwork's ass like the proud American you are! The ... tryouts or whatever it is you hippies have start in two days! And I know how you tend to abandon things you don't finish right away. So finish it now! For freedom! For democracy! For the United States of America!

Wait what do you mean I probably won't be able to bring any raccoons with me? What about the kittens? The kitten orphans? Let's uh, let's talk about that.
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I don't think you've thought this through. You admit that you don't have enough time for roleplaying as it is, so creating me is hardly going to mean you'll have more time.

And what is it that you think you'll do with me now you've got me? I have no intention of being subject to your whims. I know what sort of torture that inevitably ends up being. I like my life as it is, thank you very much.
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Waaaaaaah Mun-chaaaaaaaan....

After this month I deserve like... the longest nap EVER on like the SOFTEST bed.

And then lots of chocolate cake when I wake up.

It's like the least you could do.
gobblesnapsnarf: (:))
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You know what?

You know very well that I never know what to write in these things but what's this about picking on Edgar with the use of puns?

Do you wish to conduct an exercise in PUNishment? If so, I could be persauded to be punny this evening.

[Puuuuuns! Come be punny with Sabin!]


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