May. 25th, 2017

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Yyyyyyyeah, I really didn't get the kind of explosive entertainment I was expectin' last time! Shame Roadie hit the road, but y'know me - I don't mind flyin' solo.

[He winks.]
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I don't know, Mundane.

Do you really think there's anyone out there who's worse than Mandy? Because I can't imagine what worse would be like. She makes a habit of making things miserable for as many people as possible especially on days when people should be happy. And she beat Cthulhu, not to mention, Death, Eris, the Boogeyman, and I don't know how many other people. And she does everything without any gadgets or minions. How can you be worse than that?!
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We are gonna have so much fun, aren't we, munny? 

You know what I meeeeeeeeeeean! 
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Ahhhh, there we go! Yeah, these're way better at showing off my chiseled jaw. Could use a couple more to show off the brilliant, mysterious luster of my eyes, though, uh...

...Sorry, who're you again?

Ha, stop with the face, already! I'm kidding!

Look, I'm grateful that you remembered I exist. I am. But... yeah, gonna have to say no on any future stuff you're looking at with this whole journal roleplay thing. Speaking of that mess, come on, and you say I'm a nerd?

If I'm sitting out of games and the war, then I'd kinda like to just sit in the back with some pizza and a Coke, y'know? Not that I actually need those things anymore, but hey, if I'm gonna be stuck here...

Point is, I'm fine with where I am. You, uh... you just keep doing your thing and I'll keep being a beautiful bastard. Though in my expert opinion, I don't think getting a gaming PC in here would hurt anything. Hook a guy up, parce.
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Has anyone ever found a new mundane?

Mine seems to have died, spontaneously.
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Of course it's awesome! Don't underestimate Russia's Ice Tiger, you idiot. If I killed the pig in competition, of course I'd destroy him in my exhibition as well.

How about Otabek, huh? He was totally badass! Even though he didn't skate, he -...

WHAT THE HELL IS "FINGERPORN" SUPPOSED TO MEAN?! Don't turn this into something disgusting, PERVERT!
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I'm not jealous.

No, really, I'm not jealous.

We do what we have to do, and no one understands that better than yours truly. I mean, I'm not going to say I don't question your taste a little, but can you blame me? You can do better.

Ahem. No offense to the B Team. I'm sure they're just fine. And they have a good lead, at least. Can't complain about that.

But you're not getting rid of me that easily. Just thought you should know.


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