May. 23rd, 2017

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 So, I'm gettin' brought out for a spin? Alright. Nothin' wrong with givin' it a shot, yeah? Not like we've got a lot of other things to be doin' right now, so this might as well happen.
Can't say I'm real concerned as to whether 'r not we're goin' anywhere with this, so hey-- take your time! Relax. You're workin' on gettin' back into writin', anyway, an' I don't mind bein' the guy you do it with. I'm alright playin' second fiddle so long's it means I get to play in the first place.

Buu-uuut...if y'do decide I'm gonna be full-time, well-- you know what t' do. Just gonna throw that out there!
(An' go to sleep, damn. You're done for the night, an' we both know it. No use gettin' yourself even more out'a whack stayin' up.)
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Let's not deny this.

You know you want to.

You're bored just leaving me wasting away doing nothing.

You know you want to put me somewhere. You want to think I can "change," despite all evidence to the contrary. You really are a masochist, aren't ya? Yeah, you like this. You just want to have someone truly challenging you around. Why do you keep denying it?

Give up already, and submit. Complications will sort themselves out. You'll see.
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[Takkar looks quite confused, and a little on edge as he looks around. It was cold here, and the lack of trees, dirt and animals was unnerving for his Neolithic mind.]

You are no spirit, but I cannot see or touch you. What are you, what do you call yourself?

[It's clear he's trying to talk to his mun.]
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Aimless. Not lost, not going anywhere. [ The last consonant churns into a growl. As it rumbles off, he takes a deep breath. Shuts his eyes briefly, like it'll brace him, then he lifts his hand, points a finger, and resumes his address with with novel attachment to the task. ]

Fuck you.
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8th Grade Syndrome? Even the database doesn't have information on the topic, please teach me.
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Yes, please try and contain your excitement and surprise, I do have a face, no I am not a walking suit of armor.

Did you really think that I was?

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I do not understand.  What is so cute about how I sit and why are you 'freaking out' about it?
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[deep breath. exhale. inhale.]

I understand. This is about your entertainment, not me.

Horror and sex. It's like the most basic good and evil situation.

[Sighing, Link shakes his head.]

Do the extremes have to be so... extreme, though?


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