May. 22nd, 2017

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Ohhhh, je vous demande pardon? Am I reading that title correctly, my dear? You're missing me, even after so casually abandoning the plans I'd set into motion for that city?

Why, I'm not so sure who you think you're talking to, mundane...

...but you of all people should know that forgiving is not very often a word used to describe me.


Heh, heh! We did have some good times, boogieing along in that city though, didn't we? Say, remember when I lured an idiot who thought they were one of my closest friends into my lair, and I ended up using his abilities to enslave his friends while capturing all new people to torture? Remember how I left so many bodies twisted and broken? Oh, and we can't forget the lovely addition I left the Western District! Oh, I suppose I'm simply going soft these days from nostalgia, as old programs will!

[and just like that you deserve to be set on fire again. for fuck's sake, AM, really.]

Now, now, you can't honestly say you're surprised to see me again, can you? Huh?

Yes, because bright, saccharine worlds where love and trust and friendship hold all the answers are totally your bag, aren't they, mundane? Worlds where everything is a honeyed pie cooling on the window sill! Kids cheerily picking flowers in the backyard to the plinking of an ice cream truck chugging down the lane on Easter Sunday! Sweet fairytale nothings, that's what you're all about, isn't it, my dear?

[...well shit. might have to plead the fifth on that one.]



Take a look at where you tend to gravitate before you start casting stones, sweetheart.

I think you and I know by now just why we tend to click.


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