May. 20th, 2017

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Well back again, I see. I wonder I should put a note in the old file about this recurring habit. Tendency to appear and disappear at will and let's be honest, you haven't held up your end of things. Makes me look like a liar. (Then a tone that suggests teasing, but may not be.) You know, that's basically what they call being a flake...

(He raises an eyebrow at the meme selection for today and an inaudible sigh follows.)

Way to ruin a perfectly good vacation, mundane...

(Well, what else could he call it and it be less annoying?)

Not like I got anywhere better to be, but still.
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You know, I've tried to not be that guy. Someone that complains all the time about, ooh, the evil player, so mean, you're making me do some dumb thing I don't want to do that'll maybe lead to some character growth that'll pan out for me in the long run. I'm not opposed to a little extra moral fiber in my diet now and again, and most things I'm able to bounce back from.

But this? What you're planning? This is...

I have a life again. I have the friends I've made on the team. I have Robbie and Vance. I got to spend some time with Nita. I got to meet Sam, and I got to do it under much better circumstances than during what was supposed to happen. I've even learned how to be on a team again, and I've been able to do the hero thing without having to do all the heavy lifting on my own...

[He takes a long time to say anything more.]

I don't want Worldmind to be left there, of course I don't, but it doesn't have to be that way. You have the power to work things out in a way where he can be saved without me having to remember it all.

[His voice cracks and he stops. When he speaks again, he's angry. He's angry and demanding in a way he rarely lets himself be.]

I was supposed to be from before, from when I sacrificed myself to get Peter and Drax out of the Cancerverse. I was supposed to be from when I was -- when I was most myself. I've spent nearly a year in the Legion's universe working off that. You can't just wave your hand, say I was from later all along, unlock my memories, and take all that away. You can't.

[The fight goes out of him and he hangs his head.]

I know my Lovecraft, okay? People aren't meant to survive something like that, and if they do, they sure as hell don't survive it with their sanity intact. If you make me remember my time in the Cancerverse -- dying over and over -- I'm not gonna be me anymore. I'm not gonna be who I am right now. You're as good as killing me.

You don't have to do it. After everything I've done, after all the people I've saved, after everything I've sacrificed, I deserve this. Give me this one, just for once.


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