May. 19th, 2017

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No fair! My game's not even released in English yet! How am I going to meet my darling classmates if nobody's bringing them out!? Nobody will know who I am and I'll be all alone!

[Kokichi, are you seriously trying to guilt people into saying hi to you?]


Nishishi! Guilty as charged!

[Ugh... I am terribly sorry. At least the username serves as a warning label.]
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Listen, Mundane, it's not as though I'm not flattered, but uh, well aren't there other people who've been around longer you could try? I mean, they've been around such a long time and I'd hate to stop them from getting the um... the honor of playing in a game! And, being transformed... And stuff... That makes sense, doesn't it?
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 Miss Mun,

"Why not?" Maybe because I shouldn't be here. Or if that's not enough, why don't you return to your Jedi in a computer, or to your ISB deserter?

[mun can do three Star Wars characters. Sometimes. Would love to do five or six, but not enough time.]

[he sighs]

Last question: why me? You're not even 'apping' me. And giving me a temporary PB just shows it's a rushed post. What's the point? Let me go back.
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So, ten more of these "chapters" are left? Time certainly flies...

Things are finally looking up, but now is no time to drop our guard. With so much time remaining, there's bound to be more to this than meets the eye.

Spoilers )
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No amount of Lords of Verminion matches could prepare me for what you have in store for me.

Yes, I do appreciate the prospect of being in a land without constant war in strife. After everything that's happened so far, I wouldn't be adverse to some rest. Even so, Eorzea waits for no one. If the Warrior of Light is not there, then...

I can only hope time somehow works in a different fashion, so that I can eventually return to my duties without pause.

...It will be nice to see him once more, however, even if I do not want to let go a second time.


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