May. 16th, 2017

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Yes! Yes, I am angry! Damn you, I play your game and allow you your entertainments, but now you would force me to kill! You would give them a Eru damned Silmaril to tempt me with! Have I not suffered enough? What is it that I have done to cause this sudden burst of cruelty?

And then the "power" I am gifted with! What, you would make a mockery of Finrod's sacrifice too?

[ technically Mags, that power has nothing to do with me... ]

I don't care! Damn you, why?
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Enough is enough! Why are you letting everyone I know speak of him and I like this?! Keith and I are not courting! We are friends and nothing else!


I... I mean... He is important to me, he is a friend, but I... Look! We are not courting, all right?


Why are you looking at me like that? It should not be too much to believe me!

[ And she's not concerned that her friends are being called gossiping hens in the header for this at all, is she? ]


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