May. 15th, 2017

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You don't really think this is a good idea, do you? Be honest. You left years ago, and deliberately left me behind. You did that for a reason, right?

His canon was more popular, it was fresh and new. You didn't want to let people down, they wanted a canon mate. Which is the reason I'm here again, isn't it? Don't you think failing the first two times with him was clear enough?

We're not all that different, if you couldn't hack it with him five years ago, what makes you think I'll be any better of a fit there? Just because I come more naturally to you?

Don't be ridiculous, you need practice before you go jumping into a game, it doesn't matter which one of us you plan to drag into it. I guess if it's got to be one of us, it might as well be the one you're more comfortable with.

I guess I should be grateful you didn't start me out with a giant dog.
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[ he gives a long, steadily declining whistle. ]

So, this is what it comes down to, huh? Names, faces, and figureheads. Don't get me wrong: everybody has a horse they're bettin' on, you just happened to be mine. [ he gestures, here, there. ] Predictability's nice. It's easy. All this guesswork — pfbt, makes a man busy. You gotta keep your mind right, sharp. But sometimes, when the answer's right in front of your nose? [ he snatches nothingness out of the air. ] Ya just gotta take it.

[ he clicks his tongue, once, twice, patting a hand to his chest. ] Free at last, free at last.
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[This is not the Darth Vader you're looking for. That might not be immediately obvious while he's contemplating his username, but it definitely is once he starts talking, in a voice that sounds suspiciously like Jack Black rather than James Earl Jones.]

Wow. You have no chill, mundane.

Hey, you know what might help you calm down a little? You should come to the gym with me and the Moffball. I know, dude's kind of a stiff, but if he can do it, so can you. Come on, don't be like Palps.

...Seriously, don't be like Palps. He's writing crappy poetry to his ex now and it's just...

[The expression of secondhand embarrassment is so acute and universal that the helmet doesn't diminish it in the slightest.]

I don't even know what I'm gonna do with the guy.


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