May. 14th, 2017

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Too bad we don't have more time to train before the tournament starts! If Gohan's this powerful already, I'd love to see how much stronger he can get! An' I'm sure that everyone else has a buncha tricks up their sleeves!

Episode 93 spoilers )
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What. The. Quiznak. Is. This.

[ Someone is not happy with his mun right now. ]
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To think I'm losing my memory-- [It's unthinkable. Qilby sounds disgusted at the mere idea, much less the reality.] Maybe so many years ago, I'd have wanted that. I'd have embraced it. See, that's the scary part.

[But now? Now, he's so acclimated to that eternal memory - that curse the Goddess gave him - that he couldn't imagine living without it. It's what gives him his perspective, what makes him suited to lead his people, even if the rest of the damned Council doesn't see it. (Maybe they saw it, once, and then forgot. They tend to do that, don't they?) To lose it now would be like losing a limb.]

[Ha, ha, very funny. At least he got an arm back.]

That demon will provide insurance for awhile, but... I need to leave, and quickly. This planet can continue dying well enough on its own.
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Vell I suppose it vas a matter of time. After all I am novhere and everyvhere, zo of course I'd still be here is zee back of your mind. Just vaiting until everyzing was just right, watching you helplessly ramble on about zee zings zat zere pitiful minds cannot comprehend. Really zey are just about as dumb as zose that defied zee Major.

I vonder zough just vhere shall I vander off to next? After all it is quite boring just sitting here vaiting.

Auf Wiedersehen
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Me though? Are you sure you wouldn't rather use one of your usual muses? Or is this because of the whole Leo Takumi thing.

[Don't you judge me, woman.]

Now why in the world would you think I was judging you? I think it's adorable that you've suddenly grown so fond of my little brother.


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