May. 13th, 2017

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Hey mun?

Now that you have some time off for a few weeks maybe you could find some time to maybe do something with me? I know you've started watching the recent season of mine and the other ponies' adventures now so you really kinda don't have an excuse.

Also I know you're totally hyped for that one Equestria Girls special that's coming out soon... something about your two favourite unicorns hanging out together?

...What in the name of Princess Celestia is "Shipping fodder" anyway and why do you keep accusing me of being it?
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[A sound of distaste escapes the gunslinger as he cleans his revolver. The reaction is oddly human despite how practiced and scripted it is. Ocelot is quiet for a lengthy time as he dismantles his gun. The bronze bullets are neatly lined besides each other upon the table as he starts fiddling with the cylinder. He's tightening it, a regular schedule maintenance.

The old bastard holds his silence for quite a while until suddenly shooting the pesky woman a glare. He only just returned and his patience is already quite thin.

Quit reminiscing over what's long gone. [A warning.] What's done is done. There's no bringing any of us back.

[He finishes with his work and pieces the revolver back together. Once done, he reaches over towards the table and grabs a bullet. Ocelot is careful as he loads up the bullet into the well greased chamber. A smile touches his lips briefly before that scowl returns.]

Especially not after all that. [A click. The safety's off.]

One bullet will decide it all. Do I stay here with you or do I take my place with the dead? Either way, I don't give much of a damn anymore.

[He takes aim.]
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So... lemme get this straight.

You're planning on taking me somewhere without my Puddin, locking me up there, and maybe getting me killed. Wow. Talk about deja vu.
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You're really going to do this? I long has it been since you've watched the canon. You know, there is a lot of observation in this sort of role playing. You've got to get voice nuances, and patterns. Not to mention making sure anything you make me do or say is something that I can actually do and that I actually know.

[Annoyed sigh.]

And you don't even know what episode to pull me from?! Okay. This needs to...just, move and let me at the computer.
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That's not how I sound! Even I can say Japanese place names better!! And why does Victor sound like some kind of cartoon villain?!

[I dunno, for the same reason you sound like a third rate Bond villain?]

THAT'S NOT FUNNY! And stop mentioning that thigh chick!! Nobody even knows Bond movies from thirty years ago!

[Twenty...two... ;_; Look we're not all children like you.]


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