May. 12th, 2017

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I fail to see how you have any right to criticize my tailing skills when you didn't even notice me at first. Obviously this just means that Joker is very observant in comparison to others.


Alright, fine! I suppose a little practice wouldn't hurt.
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 Oh? I must say, I thought you'd return to Edward long before me.

If you have any new ideas, or anywhere you'd like me to go, I'd be glad to hear about them. 
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No surprises, eh?

[ Czernobog hums around the filter of a rolled cigarette, the wide slope of his shoulders exaggerated by the bulk of his jacket as his fingers twitch at his sides. ]

I won't complain. All work and no play makes a dull boy, and you and me, it's time to play. Play, and then forget — just like everything else. But, no harm to me, no harm to you, eh? [ A beat, before he corrects himself: ] No harm, no foul.
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Stop crying over what I did and get moving. You wont get anywhere in life if you let things like that get to you, just look at S9.

As for the whole "Canon Point" I can't do much if I'm infected, so lets go with something more happy and less depressing.
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You are being too hasty. I have a job to do.

Do not distract me.
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Such pretty little pictures all in a row. Will we burn them? Scatter the ashes into the stars.

My screams will make noisy music.
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I don't know what you expect to accomplish here, either by finding those I know, or by bringing me forward to your modern world. Especially as you have no intention of actually taking me anywhere.

Though I suppose I could stay for now to find out. As long as you do not cross me and as long as your indecision does not hinder me in my duties.


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