May. 9th, 2017

gradus: (pic#11384297)
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If I'm fucked either way, at least put me somewhere I can cause the most damage. Seems only fair, right?
colonialmarine: colonialmarine. don't take. (pic#11381225)
[personal profile] colonialmarine
Guess I should feel flattered that your excitement over another one of these gets me brought out like this.

[ Obviously referring to Alien: Covenant ]

Can't help but wonder what you plan to do with all of this now.

(( xposted. ))
mostbutt: (Cosmopolitan)
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Oh my God. Are you still salty over something so--it was two years ago at this point!

People are going to start calling you Jennifer at this rate. Though, I guess if Bradgelina bit the dust, anything's possible?

I'm not saying--no. No, stop that. Don't even think about that dark space of the Internet ofwhichwedonotspeakitsname.

You don't need fanfiction. Once you do that, you're past the point of no return, and faaaar beyond any of my help.
sweetsky: ([104])
[personal profile] sweetsky
What makes you think the latest chapters will bring anyone else?

You're only hoping for a bit of drama and to try to continue making me sociable. It's not likely to happen. I really don't know what you want beyond that.
varkon_legendarymallcop: (Ready to fight in the name of Galra!)
[personal profile] varkon_legendarymallcop
Look lady, I don't know why I'm here either. I should be back at the mall making sure those no good pirates don't come back again! It's my job to protect the peace and serve the emperor there! The instant they're in my jurisdiction, I'm gonna cuff 'em and make 'em pay!

I think I deserve a meal from Vrepit Sal's after this. I hear they've gotten better with their food service recently -- I mean! I need to question Sal about that pirate he had! Yeah, that's it.


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