May. 8th, 2017

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Three years huh? Look don't get specific on me, I know it ain't three years exact, but it's damn well close enough. Ya can't just come crawlin' back and think I'm gonna be thankful ya remembered me. And it's only cause of that!

Hell, whatever. Why don't you do somethin' useful. Like make me some of those itty bitty pictures of my face, new ones. 'Sides, ain't got too many as is, damn shameful with a pretty face like mine.
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... Okay, so.

All this? This is what people call jumping the gun. Look, it's cool that you're excited. Great, even. But would it kill you to maybe slow down? Spoiling yourself silly doesn't count as actually experiencing the story and the LP you've been following is nowhere near done.

No games for me until you've seen it through to the end, got it? Don't think I haven't been paying attention to your ideas.
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--but what's a... canon review and why should we be doing it?
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Wow, I'm really flattered you like me so much that you want to send me somewhere! I think. But are you sure you're ready for this again? It's a big responsibility and I kind of have things I need to do at home. I can't leave Chat Noir to fight alone.

...I know I can't really change your mind, unfortunately but if you think you can handle it... if you think we can handle it, then I'm going to support you all the way, the same I'd do for any of my friends. Though I wish you wouldn't take me away from Paris where Adrien all the people *I* care about are...

I know you don't want to let anyone down. I don't either. But I have things to do too. Let's just make sure we're certain about this, and give it our all, okay?
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If it's between you shooting me and putting me on hiatus, I'll take the bullet.

But then I'm not responsible for how pissed Peter is going to get.
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I would be more concerned if this wasn't our bi-monthly routine.

But by all means. Try.
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Madame Mundane, surely there is more to occupy my time than flowers. With so many little ones soon to be born, there must be something to make our new home safer, more secure.

Especially if one day my sons are to return. Perhaps if we can make the town comfortable, they shall remain next time.
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Mundane, maybe it's good there ain't really anyone from home in New Dodge.

Much as I'd like to see Raylan or Boyd, I ain't real sure it'd be a place they'd be happy. I got the brothel, them girls ain't had someone like me to take care of them before. Crime is low so they'd both be real bored. I still ain't sure I believe Boyd was the mayor at one point..don't seem like somethin' he'd want for long.
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N..o, you really don't 'need' to go 'game-hunting'. [That's a... half-child of a dragged-out and stilted 'N', by the way.

And this is Tim shifting his frown from 'resting bitch face' to-]
Nothing you have in mind is appealing. You know that, right? Of course you do. I think we've both been through this enough times to know it's never going to work out regardless of what you want. Life doesn't work that way. I don't work that way. [-a lighter, more fact-of-the-matter frown? Alright, kid.] I mean, you're not going to listen to reason anyway but there's nothing wrong with holding out hope, right? [Look at him, tho. So hopeful.]
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So, name change.

I mean, neither of us was really attached to the old one, but this one ain't much better, mostly because you're acting like you think I don't know what it means and I do. I definitely do.

Guess it never occurred to you that I might not be the 'angriest' anything if you stopped doing things that piss me off.
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You've got nothing to worry about, blondie, I'm still here. You're not getting rid of me that easily. Even after the series has ended. Why would I let you go and do that? Now the question is... how do you want me? Not mind controlled, I hope. We'd have a few problems if that were the case.

I know. I know. You just want to get me back out there because you finally got caught up and you miss me. I miss you too. In a very me like fashion.



PS. You do realize that I don't like sharing headspace with my book counterpart, right? He's a dick.
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Wow. It has been a while.

Guess you're at it again. Getting screenshots and things. Maybe going to make me new icons? Well, that's just fine. I wouldn't mind being thrown at a meme or two. Maybe a game?

I gotta stretch my legs and get some food. Lots of food.

And if you can find the others, that'd be cool. I'd even be happy to see Sissi right about now.
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You cannot be serious.

I don't have time for this.


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