May. 6th, 2017

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What's a family with one person, huh?
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Maybe it's just me being skeptical, but I kinda doubt you're going to be bringing me back out for an extended period of time. Like seriously, do you even know how rusty it is in here? Gross.

Besides, I was in the middle of a really fun dream. I dreamt that I was a bird; wings injured but not broken. In agony I'd stretch my wings and sore into the darkness, each flap sending out a shimmering light that pierced the darkness and illuminated-

[...oh. Yeah. Wow. She...probably shouldn't gone into that much detail.


A-anyway, the point is I'd rather go back to sleep than deal with whatever dumb idea you have cooked up in that head of yours. So can we just drop it? Please?
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Here we fucking go again.
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Ok.. Let me get this straight.

I've been fighting Locusts for years and now you drag me out of the box one time you are interested?


This is bull.
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There's nothing wrong with Lillipup, but having five of them just so you can spend the early hours wandering around in tall grass and taking advantage of Pickup is a waste of time! Anyway, you know for my "official" team you should probably just rely on the manga for guidelines. It's either Tepig or Oshawott since Snivy seems to be Rosa's pick. I don't really mind either since they're both great. Emboar's as bold as I am and Samurott's underrated. We could just settle it by letting me have all three, you know!

I... guess what I'm really here to say is I can't believe it was seriously between me or Drayden. His entire face is a beard! I'm seriously offended that you even had to consider the choice. Uncool.
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Oh, look at you! Being creative and making all those new icons for me. Are you trying to make up for all those years you let me gather dust? Because-- you're going to need more than fifty for that. Besides, you can't even do anything with them right now, can you? me just one of this fresh batch hardly counts. Your effort is noteworthy in that you tried, but lackluster because it's mediocre at best.

I suppose it's a nice enough gesture, and it does mean...something that you've decided to turn me loose lately, however briefly. I'm curious, though; you've said you intended to try sending me somewhere, hm? I would say I'll hold you to that, but we both know you can be, ah. Fickle, I would say. And there's a few others in line before me at that-- you have that Delta fellow and...what was his name. Axton? Either way, I'm fully prepared to wait. Still, I would appreciate it if my seniority gave me some precedence, being that I've had the questionable fortune of being with you the longest-- age before beauty and what have you, although the implications of that are just insulting. We both know I'm your favorite-- there's no way you would have kept me for seven years otherwise. Be reasonable for once.

So you may have to...let go of my developments from Mayfield and the name you gave me back then. I can live without that-- I'm adaptable! I've worked around far worse in my time. You've seen Soldier. You know what I mean. We can make this work with or without all that old history muddying the waters-- and besides, weren't you saying how you'd like to rework that anyway? Now, wouldn't it be nice to have a clean slate? A brand new start?
--ah, there we go! I can see the gears turning in your head! Don't say I don't know how to convince you. It's incredibly easy.
And yes, you've worked with me plenty 'off-site', as you put it. I know you have! That doesn't change the fact that I still have done nothing here for far too long, Herr. There is only so long I can wait. I'm a busy mercenary, as I'm sure we're both aware.

The clock is ticking-- if you're going to decide, it would be best to do it soon so neither of us have to wait another month for you to make up your mind. Who knows what might happen!

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Honestly, you should just go and finish that playthrough you started as [air quotes] "canon review" before you go about playing me once more.

... And don't use that daft guards-woman as an excuse not to. At least make it to the trash bag of bones before you wimp out.
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...don't have anything else to do, so whatever.


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