May. 5th, 2017

Guess Who!

May. 5th, 2017 10:12 am
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Why must you try to fight it? As much as I long to be free of the burden of being me, I realize that I am impossible to ignore. It's hard, you know, having this effect on everyone I meet.

So, you think that you can find some companions for me? I'd like that.
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Oh my, as King's Landing comes close to falling, I can only pray that they all know that it was a Targaryen, and a Dragon that brought them down. A lion may take the sept, but a dragon will take the throne.
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Yesterday's pun isn't very amusing.

What is it that you want from me? What fulfillment do you expect to obtain by putting me here. I realize that you want me to speak to people. I realize you think people might want to speak to me, but I don't want to speak.

[[OOC: Sorry, I put the mod post tag on it by accident, and it won't let me delete it. Apologies!]]
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You remembered?! Thank you!

[No problem, tiger. So, is there anything you want for your birthday?]

Hmm, let me think... Could I eat some -

[Apart from chazuke.]

Ehehe.... Right.

Sorry, it's a little sudden. I wasn't expecting anything like gifts. You really don't have to get me anything, but if you insist... Can I think about it for a little while?
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What? Got nothing better to do? Now that's just sad, babe.
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Why did you bring me here? I was fine at the other place, I mean, you said you wanted a break from 'round here, so why put me somewhere we both know you're not going to be active in anytime soon? What's the point?
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[There is a little girl with a bright red kimono and a lot of waterworks on the comm today. Frankly speaking, it looks like she would have run away by now, but every time she stops hiccuping and crying into her hands to look up, what she sees seems to terrify her and she goes back to cowering.]

[With every jerk of one wrist, there's the tinkling of bells, and it's a near constant melody to her more painful crying. In fact, uh... anyone with any flashlights... or anything that sheds light at all... That might start to flicker. Or just not work. Sorry about that. The little girl doesn't seem to notice, at any rate.]

[Sometimes, when the crying goes down a little, she looks up at her mun, jaw quivering as she clearly tries to get her voice to work.... only for it to inevitably fail and she curls in on herself as she hides her face in her hands again.]

[The mun is starting to realize this might have been a bad idea.]
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"only to be brought around when requested"

[ ... ]

What sort of mun are you and why are you wasting my time with this? Do you really have any idea who I am?

Typical of a human. Never going through with something completely, only when you feel like it.
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This appearance you have chosen for me is adequate. I understand that this "PB" that you call it will do until you are able to create a proper visage for me. I am not sure I approve of this new backstory however... but I suppose it will do. It is beyond my power to change your mind.

Still, I do not believe you are spending your time wisely. You have others to tend to, do you not? Please do try not to overwork yourself again. I understand there is much you wish to do, but you are only human. You can only do so much at a time. Must I also remind you of your physical condition lately?

[ . . . ]

... what? Are you truly tempted to send me to that place? I would advise against it. I believe the cyborg takes all of your time to begin with. Your wish for 'something new' or not, you have your other three to tend to. The cyborg, the human and the kashia.

No. I do not need to 'get out more' as you claim. I am fine where I am. I thank you for your time regardless.

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I mean, I'm just saying, maybe you should slow down? You're gonna burn yourself out at this rate.

You've got two games, one of which is new, and a bunch of homework. And you're graduating in like a week! Which, like, that's all really great!

[He counts all of that on his fingers, then wiggles the fingers he counted.]

But also it's a lot of stuff, so maybe you should take a step back before you take on anything else? There can be too much of a good thing, you know.


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