May. 4th, 2017

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I appreciate it, mundane, but it's not as important as you make it out to be.

The day of my birth does not hold the same meaning as it did many, many years ago. Still, the sentiment is appreciated. Thank you.
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Listen, I don't know what-- There's not anything here, my dude. Wizard machine broke. That tragic backstory been done unlocked, you're slurping at the bottom of a milkshake and getting diddly squat. I've been through a lot, is what I'm saying. What's on the table, more of that? Great, love it, more homeless wandering, more """adventure.""" I'll just put it right here, next to all the homeless wandering, and quote-unquote adventure. Because that's a thing I already had plenty of, ya dig? That's not anything new, and I don't get out of bed for same-old. I don't need this, I don't-- Reactions? I don't know her. No thanks. Pass. I'm retired. I left my Stone of Farspeech at the Fantasy Starbucks. All I got now is this stone of regular non speech, it says 'Live Laugh Love' on it. You want anything else, find a different wizard. Peace!
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Unyuu...I really want Lady Satori and Orin to come along with me. But I won't be lonely without them.

But I wouldn't be sad if you tried to find them anyway!
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Oh, yeah, good job on that re-read, 'cause you know what I wanted to be for the rest of the week is pissed about inaccurate bullshit some asshole spewed about me long before I was...whatever you wanna call it. Fully realized, a fucking whole person.

This ain't no "This Is What You Look Like", that's not what I ever looked like, except for the parts where I did. We all fucking know better and you, sweetheart, you know you can't stand hearing anyone talk bad about YOUR FAVORITE. So what do you say, we move on and stop dwelling on - YEAH, on that. I got other things I wanna do, here.

What do you mean, "like what"? And don't say the lieutenant, because that's just fuckin' crass. Geez, and you'll tell everybody that I'm a piece of work.
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i mean sure.

not like i was doing anything at home.

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Just let me retire already. I've earned that much.
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I am a little surprised that you're focused on me this much.

However, these situations I'm getting into... they're confusing, different to me. Try to not complicate things more.
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Took you long enough. I was starting to think you'd never let me see it!

[Rude Player, keeping the geek wizard from her favorite series!]

It's nice to see the Alliance getting more attention. Still kinda wish there was more lightsabers, but... well, it wouldn't be very accurate for the situation.

[A grin slowly forms on Dairine's face.]

Sooo... Can I say it?

[Might as well. It is the day after all.]

May the Force be with you.
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You know, playing in an actual game might be fun. 'Specially if Tallboy's gonna be there. I know you mostly play that frog-faced lobster, but don't you think it's time to branch out a little?

What's the point of keeping a handsome face like this all tucked away in PSLs, anyhow?
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Cute username. Really.

If you'd asked, I could have come up with better.


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