Apr. 30th, 2017

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Alright, so apping me to another game didn't turn out like you wanted — no big. We're still doing pretty well in the first, aren't we? I mean, sure, we had a few little bumps in the beginning, but I think we've smoothed most of those out and now we're getting into a real good swing of things! I mean we'll probably never have a seamless bond like the kind Blue and I have but, let's face it, the two of us are pretty much perfect together so don't feel too bad.

My point is — don't give up! What's the harm in trying again? If it doesn't work out again, it's not really a failure because you've still got me at that other place, so I'm definitely not going anywhere (lucky you✨). And if it does, then hey! You get to have me twice over.

And every place could definitely use a little bit more charm, right?

(Me, I'm talking about me.)
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Hello mun,

Spoilers for Underworld: Blood Wars within )

Now the question is shall I slip away back into the shadows of time, or is there something that you have planned for me? Some purpose to our meeting again?

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So you're finally letting me out of that empty pit you call a head hm?

I guess I can make this work, if you actually do any of your plans this time...which you probably won't. You're worse than Akko, and she's pretty terrible at time management, and doing her homework, and magic in general, and most things really...

Though if you do follow through with any of your plans I'll have plenty of ingredients for my potions, and new guinea pigs to test them out on.
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Nah, I'm good.

[ Your grandson? Son-in-law? Daughter? The Valentines? ...Jack-O'? ]

You're right. It has been a long damn while since I've had this much peace and quiet.
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Enfin, un magnifique retour! It took you long enough, but all is forgiven. You may ease those strained shoulders as you no longer must carry that weight for I, the great Looker, am now on the case!

[ Yet he can't seem to avoid looking as if he's in a rush, like he's distinctly aware that time is a very precious thing -- that many don't have for him. Sure, he doesn't always come off the most professional, but he manages to get the job done and within the guidelines laid out for him. Why, he's pretty alright, even!

The point stands that he's reliable. The only thing is, he's not exactly on duty right now so a certain something might be more of his focus right about now...

So, before we get down to business, how about lunch? Is there a name for the meal between lunch and dinner... linner, maybe? Well, we're going to have some linner. I have a few suggestions on where to go, let me just get out my notepad...
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You're right. The RNG on FE6 is atrocious.

Still, you need to use your head about this and not be so defeatist.

Your lord is average, but there's the fun. So, you'll need to stop throwing him in with the muscle. Keep your chosen units strictly cavaliers, archers, and mages. You have a wall. Use it. When you struggle, spend time at the arena.

[The virtues of turtling.]

And do try not to lose any more soldiers.

Still annoyed? You could always play conquest again.
Or put far more effort into getting me in Heroes.


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