Apr. 29th, 2017

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Don't remind me. Tonight's for celebrating, but until then, it's business as usual.

[Fine, I won't disturb you then. Let me just continue my fan art hunt on twitter.]

Hey - what's with this "smallest executive" hashtag?!
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I can do more good in Mega City One.
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Wait so like...

I'm a part of the regular roster now? "What would Star Lord Do?" That's where we're going with this? Games? All of it?

[On the one hand he's not entirely unhappy with this and it shows. Strut your stuff kid. On the other tho. That's a big deal. Number one in the squad.]

I've spent most of my life in space. Toss me, where you will. Do what you will. I have 0 hang ups as long as people don't mess with my friends.

...I'm pretty sure if they messed with my friends my friends could take care of themselves so I honestly don't have to worry.
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Twenty-five years, huh? Jesus fuckin' Christ. I mean, not like any of us were gonna live forever, but it's still a long fucking time to think about.

What's twenty-five, anyway? Silver? Or wood, or some bullshit like that?
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Really, that was all it took for you to bring me out again?
You really are quite a simple human, are you not?

Spoilers )


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