Apr. 27th, 2017

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Okay, first, it's far, far too early for you to be giving this any kind of serious thought.

And second, no.
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As much as I appreciate the efforts you have made to bring us to this moment, your timing leaves much to be desired. Have they not already moved on?

But I suppose I should enjoy the opportunity to be present.
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I know you had wanted to post something with the original version of me you have, but he's not real good with words, y'know? And something definitely has to be said! So on behalf of both of us: THANK YOU!

Not just for all your birthday wishes today, either! Thanks for always thinking so highly of me (us??) all these years, and for inviting me to this place. It's always fun and interesting getting to explore this world with you.

Let's have even more adventures together during the next 25 years! How about one of those "game" things? Oh, and, um. Maybe you could make me a cake next time? ☆ Pretty please~?
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 So how long are you planning to wait to send me to one of these 'games'? You keep saying you wanna wait one more issue to see if anything develops.  You realize this is a monthly series, right? Waiting on another issue is a LONG time.  Yes, I'm breaking the fourth wall JUST to make sure you're aware of this.

Besides.. Gotham and the world in general is just terrible these days.  The sooner I'm somewhere else the better.  Not like I hate it or anything... change of scenery would be nice though.

...As long as my brother is there.

And Max.

Also Mr. Wayne too I guess, he'd probably get lonely and depressed by himself.
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Give me one reason that I should go along with this when I just spent the last few weeks getting played and yanked around by people with agendas who hand-on-their-heart swore they were trustworthy.

[Well, y'know. You could go to jail if you don't go to a game, Brendan. The game is probably better just by default.]

I doubt it. Even with the slip-up with the evidence, it's easier to pin everything on the suspects they've got and cops aren't really known for being thorough. They like open and shut cases. So do I when I can actually find them. I also like working alone or at most with one person who I know for a fact isn't going to be at the game. This whole thing is going to end the way it always ends, somebody in jail, someone else's fist in my gut and too late to do any real good. Did you tune out when I was talking to the VP? I don't do heroics. Don't think anyone really does, honestly, regardless of what they tell me, you or themselves.

Do what you gotta do to let me go. It's not going to work out otherwise.


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