Apr. 26th, 2017

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I was trying to save a helpless old woman! What's "sad, pathetic and kind of creepy" about that?

Look, on the bright side, at least you liked most of this book. Gonna need more icons for, uh, all three of "me" if you ever do a canon update though.
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No. No no. No no no. And did I mention: no?

I don't know what you're so excited about anyway. This insanity, this, this foolishness of levels not witnessed since Hammond died -- it'll render your crazy "headcanons" obsolete. You know that, right?

...there's just no reasoning with you people. I'm out of here. I'm going to enjoy my last dinosaur-free year in style. Where do you keep the whiskey?
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—Oh, but it's a writing exercise! I'm not real, you're just negging yourself right now. Like you did with all the other monsters in your head. 'Cause that's normal.

You know they have a word for this [ and she's suddenly clinical in diction: ] pattern of behavior, right?

[ Lenny grins lopsidedly, unfocusing her eyes and twirling her index finger in a loop-de-loop by the side of her head, before snapping back to authoritative. ]

Face it, babe. I'm in your head. And you can hem and haw and, and throw in references to the rest of the clown car instead of hitting the gas, but I'm not going anywhere! You think I like it here in this dump? Trust me, if I had my pick of real estate — well, champ, you ain't it. [ Him. ] But I'm here. So stop debating what's "real" or not like it matters and give me the wheel before—

That's more like it. Don't worry. I brought the sign.
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First chance for a new journal name in years and this is what you come up with?
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Yes, it would be ... nice to find Lucas. He is important to me.

That does not mean I am not capable of acting independently from him. With all due respect, while my feelings for the boy are strong, I am still very much myself and having much to live and discover before making any commitment. The likelihood of finding him is minor, and I will torture myself with such a thought. Just as you torture yourself over the consideration of a game for me.

Nothing with ponies. Or I will shoot.

W. A.
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Are you sure about this, dear? You haven't even finished... what did you say it's called? Conquest? Whatever you call it, don't you think you should at least see that to its end? Especially since you said you want to do that Revelation thing.

[Sigh] I'm flattered that you thought enough of me to do this, but I will be here once you finish our tale. It wouldn't do for me to be taken away from the war effort before its end, would it? What would Corrin and the others do without me?


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