Apr. 21st, 2017

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 ... More bad people.

[Intimately familiar with those types. She scrapes the claws from her knuckles together thoughtfully -- a grating sound to anyone around, like fork on fork, or a spoon on teeth. Her version of nails on a chalkboard, albeit innocently (until someone complains, of course). She's wondering what ways the caging works there in the Pines, even without small cells or rain-clouds or Las Vegas or potato chips.]

When can I remember?

That I can hurt them and run.
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Yo Mun! The party animal has arrived!

...OK so maybe I'm not the first one, but I am the real deal! One million followers strong. You see that blue checkmark next to my name right? Proof! They don't just give that out to anyone!

Anyway so what's the plan man? We gonna go have some adventures? Social link some hotties?

Don't leave me hanging for too long dude! I can't play on my phone forever!
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1. In what universe are my thoughts on threesomes going to be relevant to anything? TFLN threads don't count.

2. Wow, it took you a whole week to realize the whole accidental 'why are you brushing your teeth at school at shit o'clock in the morning' Archie meeting doesn't work so good if we don't use the same bathroom. You are busy.

It's fine. We'll bump into each other somewhere else, or we won't and I'll just keep staying at the school until I figure something else out. At least it has showers.
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Look, I know you think it's cute, okay?

I know it's cute if only because it's basically perfect, fine, fine, okay, I will concede on this point. But will you please stop it?

I appreciate you finally want to let me get some exercise, that's awesome. Just... the squeals, okay, they're killing my ear drums. I'm making enough high-pitched noises to damage my hearing, you don't have to add.

Also, it isn't that cute, shut up.

[furiously blushing and grinning anyway]

Anyway, yeah, it sounds fun. I think I'm looking forward to getting to play around some. And friends, friends are awesome. Having more of them would be, well, an experience all right. So you just stop making that noise long enough to actually get this done, and we'll all muddle along just fine.

[[EDIT: content warning on the top thread for discussion of statutory rape, extremely violent temper, and verbal abuse]]
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While I appreciate the thought, I don't know that this is such a good idea. We both know you have other things to worry about... and I know you're probably going to do it anyway, so I don't know why I bother. Still, if you're going to insist on this, it might be nice to go someplace where I could be of use.

Even if there aren't any others wherever I end up, I'll be fine on my own. I've made it this far, haven't I?


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