Apr. 15th, 2017

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Luke will teach me everything I need to know. I'm ready to learn and I'm ready to face...the Dark. I can't run from it forever and I can't let it hurt anyone else.

[She is afraid, but she won't give into that fear and run anymore. Besides, where can she run? Away from Luke? What good will that do her?]
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Hey now, don't tell me you're going all soft on me! Well, not that I can blame you. I'd miss me too if I were you. Who wouldn't?

But don't think I'll let you drag me just anywhere. I got some standards, you know? So if you're planning on doing this again, you'd better send me someplace I can actually take over.

[Greed... is that really the important part...]

Hey, I'm just saying, if you're gonna drag me to some other dimension, you might as well let me go all out. You can't expect me to restrict my avarice to just one universe, can you? You know better than that.

C'moooon, it'll be fun for the both of us!
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I will do what needs to be done. No matter what the cost might be in the end. You as my mun should understand this.
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Well then.

At least I know that I'm not cut out for a career in family social work.

Har. Har.
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I realize that you do enjoy the series I come from - or at least I would come from if I were an actual character there instead of 'canon oc' as they call it. That puts me in a rather awkward position since I'm playable pretty much nowhere.

Even if you did find some place it would have be somewhere that would take Vaylen for I'm not going with out him. He's my Companion. We're a team. A Herald is almost nothing without their Companion.

Best to set me aside with the other canon ocs you have and let us live in quiet in the back of your mind.


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