Apr. 10th, 2017

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[Laura looks passively at her mun.

Then passively at her username. 

And then eats a few more doritos out of the bag that she absolutely did not pay for, and shrugs.

Oh well.]

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And here I thought you were going to be disappointed.

Seems like it's going to be a fun little romp after all, isn't it?
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CW: Suicide )

Look, I don't care how "in-character" you think that would have been. That's just fucked up!

And why are you saying my CR saved my ass?! I'm still gonna be dragged under the bus for this shit, even if it led to the culprit getting caught!

Just... What the fuck!?
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Trust me, I'm just as confused curious as you with what's going on.

Guess you'll find out in a few days.
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[Well, shit. I can't lie, that is pretty awesome. Even though you're too young for that, I mean, damn.

It's impressive, though. Maybe I should throw you somewhere after all..?]

No way. You've ignored me all this time, you don't get to play me anymore.


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I told you so.

Also, you owe me ten bucks. [ Don't bet against your muses, kids. ]
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 Oh, mother of -- 

Yes, Father has told me this story countless times. No, I will not be telling it to you or anyone else before it is time. Stop asking and leave me be.
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Well this is nifty. It's slightly disorienting but hey, I'm always up for adventure. Maybe there's some clues here on my mother's whereabouts. A boy can dream can't he?
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I mean, I'm sure it would be nice and I think you would do well even though you're not completely done with my back story. I'm sure you'd just need to work out the kinks of my "powers". Sure I'll miss Matt but I'm sure I can find new friends!

Then maybe you can focus on that backstory? Although 10.000 characters seems like a lot.

I'm still not sure why you find my lack of belief so funny tho...?


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