Apr. 7th, 2017

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Thanks, self. You had to bloody well make her immortal. What were you thinking? You know that isn't a solution to anything! You know it makes it worse instead of better! Were you so cross with her that you decided to torture her for all eternity?

If I ever meet you in person we're going to have some words, me and me. And if I don't smack you around that empty ball of nothing you call a head, you can count yourself lucky.
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Seriously?! After all this time you think you can just waltz back over here and everything would be peachy? You think because you've rewatched some random episodes on TV you can do this again? Aren't you the one who always said everything goes downhill after season five... which, thanks by the way that's just so generous of you.

Can we just move on please? Give it a week or two and I'll be back on the shelf and you'll be doing... whatever it is you do.
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So you reread a couple threads, take a trip down memory lane, and wake me up without even canon reviewing first? [A grin curves Spencer's lips.]  Takes stones, kid.

Guess you just missed me that bad.

[And Ororo too. You guys were a good team.]

...Yeah. Guess we were. [His expression sobers.] Well, wherever she's ended up,  I'm sure she's got it handled. She's one hell of a woman - wouldn't wanna be the guy pissing her off, that's for sure.
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Perfect, because all I need is even more crazy fucks with superpowers.

Go die on a ditch, would you?


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