Apr. 5th, 2017

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Oh, it has been a long time, ain't it, pretty? 'Bout time I got a breath of fresh air.

Sorry, sorry, I'll stop complaining. God only knows I'm happy to be out.
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I do miss them, and I wish they were here. I don't know if this place is better than home - at least there was only one kind of monster at home...

And maybe dad and Clem would be better away from here. But it's not fair, I still wanna see them again!

At least mom would be alive if she were here. [ Like me, he doesn't say. ]
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Aww! Missed me, huh?

It's alright, munny-poo. It isn't exactly easy to shake off this Al Bhed girl, so I don't blame ya.
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I'm... Confused.

Starting this out with a "Dear Player" seems just as awkward as me even doing this in the first place. You're...


Maybe that's why I feel obligated to go through with this. For your sake. Because that's what I'm programmed for, right?

I'm too tired to question things anymore.

I'm tired.


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Limbo is for parties. Bad parties.

[something like a sigh] You dropped me before. You can't do it again. Wait, okay? Until you have more time from work.

[his nose scrunches up like he just whiffed something nasty]

Besides, I don't really wanna deal with Kavinsky anyway.
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I do not dispute you, mundane. My being inside your "headspace" does indeed ring similar to what my situation with Peter was like. But pray tell, will it prove to be less dangerous...or moreso?

Nay, I am not attempting to withdraw our connection. I know that is unlikely...and danger or not, I am not disposed against learning about new things from new people and new places.
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. . .

[There's no immediate answer, and Shanoa looks almost pensive.]

I'm afraid I don't understand. There's no purpose to my being here. I have done my duty, my lady.

[Sure there's purpose, Shanoa. Sometimes people just enjoy one anothers' company for the sake of it. It doesn't always have to be about a mission. --And even with many of her emotions and ability to grasp such things stunted, it clicks and Shanoa bows her head for a moment.]

Ah, I see... [And there's a very sincere attempt at a smile here.] Thank you. I enjoy your company as well.

[A beat.]

Are we to seek out others now? It has been some time, but if you wish to try these... "memes" once more, then I will oblige.


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