Apr. 4th, 2017

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[ a sharp peal of humorless, manic laughter marks the princess's arrival. she shoots her beady eyes upward, sneering at the one pulling the strings; the true puppet master. ]

Very clever, mother!!!

[ azula shouts, breathing heavily as lighting crackles violently inside of each one of her open palms. ]

I've lost my home, not my wits!

[ nearly screaming with every inch of her being, the young princess franticly and carelessly shoots the building energy in her mother's direction. ]

I'll burn this place to the ground if that's what you wish! If that's what it takes!

[ azula's close, she can taste her mother's desperation. ]

You're only delaying the inevitable.
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It may... be judged indecent of me to question your decision on this matter; but if your plan to relocate me is true, might I suggest a place less beholden to misfortune than the last? I desire the company of that forsaken creature who would return my affections, whose existence would lean on mine.

The old familiar faces you describe demand all my fortitude; but my spirit fluctuates, and I have none. I am also required to say that I wish to be as far removed from that man as possible.
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It's amazing just how little it takes to convince you to drag me back out again.

Since I'm here now, I don't suppose you have any real plans this time?
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You are all probably thinking, NO! NOT HIM! THE POWERFUL AND ALMIGHTY ZIM!


...What? What do you mean you don't have anywhere to put me? THEN WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THIS?
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So you enjoyed it, I take it? That sure is nice, 'cause I didn't.

I mean, just...just look at all the details they got wrong! I'm not some angry little skank with a fucking pixie cut! I love my life, I enjoy myself! Yeah, my life's unstable but that don't mean I don't got it under control! Things are perfectly fine here in Tara Markovia, no thank you very much!

[Mun gives Tara a skeptical look, clearly sensing the denial and self delusions.]

Don't give me that look, playah! You KNOW I'm right! An-and where was the smokin', the drinkin', the partyin'!? These DC Animation assclowns made me look downright tame! And I will NEVER be tamed!

[Then what do you call what I do with you in my headspace?]


And Slade would never do that to me. He cares about me. Maybe he doesn't, like, love me as a person but the feeling's mutual towards him there. We've given each other too much for him to just casually throw me away an' out of his life like that. We complete each other! Oooh I just wanna find him and hit the sack with him right now!

[Has tried to explain the unhealthiness of her infatuation with that man before. It's not worked.]

At least we can both agree that Christina Ricci did me justice. Yeah I know you still like Ashley Johnson the best, but hey, it's all a matter of taste. Anyway, so long as you got me stuck with you in your headspace, you ought to let me do whatever you think will make me a stronger me. You take care, Munny!
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...What, exactly, were you planning on doing with me again?
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No - I'm flattered that you thought of me. Even if you only seem to do so when terrible things happen...

[What was that?]

N-Nothing! Nothing at all.

... Actually... maybe there is one thing. Could you not call me your "son"? It's just... I grew up in an orphanage. It's a little...


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