Apr. 3rd, 2017

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 Hey, A, gotta say — thanks for helping me be... me, and all. But what's with having characters with weird issues or curses, you know?

I know mine doesn't exactly count as a curse literally, but it sure would be nice to not have something going on with me. Hell, it'd be nice if someone would just write us all with nice houses and happy families and good hair. And maybe a pool. Not even just an above-ground one, or a storage bin you pretended was a pool when you were five. 

[... Speaking from experience, maybe...]

Anyone up for starting it? A curse club? A woe-is-me membership?


[Eyebrows UP.]

We can all work together and buy an in-ground pool and a nice house.
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I can't say I mind the chance to get out a little bit, but I'm also not sure what your intent is with me, here. You can't really take me much of anywhere, after all.

While I wouldn't mind seeing a familiar face or two, either, I also do have to wonder how my presence would effect them... Perhaps it would be better if you let me fade.
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Mark my words, mundane, this is not the end of me.

Amara did not remain trapped within the confines of a staff. And neither will I!
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I don't believe it! You...you volunteered me for this? And it was because you wanted to hurt...hurt Zack, and Tamamo, and everyone else? That's why you let us become friends?

...fuck you. [There. She did it. She said the cuss.] For volunteering me, and for laughing about how that trial ended!
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Honestly, mun.

You and I both know I never really died. I'm happily engaged with two kids, in about six plus different universes. You're just not content with that because its been more than a year and we're both in a rut.

Just admit you miss your friends here. Come on, now. Once you do that, we can finally figure out what the next step is.
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 It's been a long time, mun. 

Not that I'm complaining! Adventures are fun, but vacations are nice too.

Does this mean I might get go somewhere again?

[He hesitates for a moment.]

But this time, do you think I could try to find Guilmon too? I really want to keep our promise. 
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I appreciate the sentiment but we both know the only reason you're bringing me out again is because you haven't played the new game. How about you start a replay of the first one? It's not like you'll do much with me on here anyways.


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