Apr. 1st, 2017

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You remembered! Thank you, mun-san! I still can't tell you my wish, but I promise I will make it something wonderful.
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9 o'clock in the morning
And the glow from a laptop wakes me
I'm stretchin' and yawnin'
In a comm that don't belong to me
And a voice says, "I'm RPing you now"
From the other side of the fourth wall
Then she comes out and posts with me
And to my surprise, she ain't you

Now I've got this dumb look on my face
Like what have I done?
Doesn't this count as RPF
Or is it more like Hamilton?
Shoulda thought before she tried
Oh, what was on her mind?
What the hell's she tryin' to do?
Guess it must be April Fool's...

[canon is r kelly's acclaimed hip hopera trapped in the closet]
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All this time, she's been here... and she never once told me about this 'plan' of hers, or that she was even in the present at all.

{ She helped him design the Eclipse Gate for the sake of defeating Acnologia. Sure, he couldn't go back in time like he wanted, but something good came out of it. Did she really think he wouldn't have been at least mildly interested in a possible Plan B to defeat Acnologia, especially after Igneel's Plan A failed? }

I have no idea what a 'Deus ex Mashima' is, mundane, but I am intimately familiar with the concept of 'disappointment.' If she had so little faith in me, I see no reason why I should not respond in kind.

{ It begs the question; would he have even invaded Fiore at all if he had known there had been another option to defeat Acnologia? Who knows. It'd just be another contradiction, only one that had a small chance of being avoided. }
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[Look at this dopey fellow with a hammer, who grins a goofy grin.]

So, you're like the Goddess then? Only less uptight about everything it looks like.

[Hands on his hips now, to ask the important question.]

What am I gonna get to build in this place anyway?
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I don't know what you expect me to say. I wasn't even there.


--Fine. As much as I can empathize with the concerns behind the Sakovia Accords, I would have been on Team Not Handing the Hulk to Thaddeus Ross on a Silver Platter.



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