Mar. 31st, 2017

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[Something has happened! You run into a friendly Gelert named Bruno... Wait, wouldn't that be the other way around this time?]

Oh, har har. Very funny.

Now would you kindly let me go home? I'm pretty sure I have no business being here, and my family is going to get worried.
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You are under a misguided way of thinking if you believe I want to see any Jedi in the city.

Encouraging them will only get them all killed.

Let that be your only warning.
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Another planet, here--it shouldn't be any different. Just remember I'm not a pawn anymore. I'm a man of the Word.
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...Ehehe, feeling nostalgic? Y'know, it does feel a little surreal looking back on it. I've almost forgotten all the weird situations you put me in. Not saying I miss the crazy, but I do miss all the friends I've made. Just don't get too gloomy reading these, alright? -- 'Sides, you'll always have the option to start anew with me or anyone else here in the head space.
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Good to see you're using a bit of the old armpit grease and whatnot to air me out. Was growing a bit of something green a fuzzy between the last two toes on my left foot. I'll blame it on a distinct lack of vitamin B.

The "B" standing for booze naturally. Where the flying fuck's the liver juice cabinet these days anyhow? Did 2D mistake it for his bloody crisps cabinet again?

No matter! Breaking m' best mate's fingers can be set aside for another day. You and I? We've got work to be done here. Find me a new crib, a decent lay, and ten pounds of that hákarl shite. I've had a hankering for that lathered in ketchup, bath salts, and sandwiched between two rancid year old toasted pumpernickel slices lately.  Been on an exclusive diet of tequila and chocolate for the last seven-such years and I need some proper nourishment.
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Oh, I like her.

Don't go all soft on me now. It's time for someone else to give it a go. You know it, I know it; you'll enjoy every minute of it. Besides, you and I both know you couldn't shut me up properly if you tried.
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Really mun? What are you going to now, hmm? Yeah, that's what I thought. Nothing. You're going to sit on this journal. You've taken me away from what I was doing--and I was in the middle of things too you know. I have a life and things to take care of in Care-A-Lot. It's not like you can even find a game to put me in.

Why don't you just give up and accept defeat. Leave me alone. Just as soon as you drop me back off. On second thought, just scoot over. I'll drive.


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