Mar. 30th, 2017

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Who doesn't like Muggle movies? Especially if they're cheesy! I know it's a bit early for popcorn, but what about some fruit? Those oranges look lovely.

[And a royal mess! But Lily has her magic, so why would she worry about that?]

The weather will be nice later, too. Why not go for a walk? You'll be in good company if you do. Of the four-legged kind, of course!
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It was not a necessary evil. [ There is the barest of sighs upon his lips. He got enough lip from Velvet each time they crossed paths in canon. Does he have to explain this to his mun, too? ]

It was simply... necessary.

[ Asshole. ]

It is a Shepherd's duty.
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The state of affairs in this dimension does not require that I be here. In fact, my home dimension's issues far outweigh the seemingly annual monster invasions here, where there is always a ranger team ready to act.

This is a waste of time. I can't learn anything here that will help Corinth, not with our severe lack of resources.

I have work to do, and I will not fail humankind.

[A pause. Sadness settles over her face like a cloud.]

...not again.
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I get you're ...apprehensive, but it's not as if the movie means you have to change how we do things. It isn't going to change me. I've changed a lot in the comics, but I'm still me.

Really as long as they don't have me hook up with Bruce, or there be crushes or anything because - ew.
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It’s about time you came to your senses. I mean, c’mon, who wouldn’t want to pretend to be me! I’m Justin Hammer! ( he cracks a knowing smile and gives a wink for good measure. ) Listen, honey, it’s alright to be speechless. Totally normal. Expected, even.

But ( he brushes a bit of imaginary dust off his shoulder. ) how about finding me a game? As, uh, lovely as your headspace is I want a place where I can stretch my legs. ( that’s not asking too much, right, …no. he’s being reasonable. he deserves a home. ) Oh, and one more thing… let’s find somewhere sans a Stark. ( potts too. ) I can’t stand that guy.
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I've been on enough adventures. I want to find a home of my own; some place that is permanent and preferably free of Cymrian excrement. Those tapestries will never be clean and you know it.

Besides, I have too much Lirin in me to be happy living inside of a mountain. I need to see the sky, though it was good exercise having to climb up a path every morning and evening to sing.

[Then there was Achmed and Gunthor... Jo...]

Ah... Maybe Ylorc isn't so bad.


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