Mar. 29th, 2017

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Pray tell, what is the cause of this sudden desire to pick me up again? What has roused you to a state of excitement the likes of which I've never seen? Is it those videos of drag queens you're so fond of? Or is the approach of Ragnarok finally catching your attention?

The cause isn't important, I suppose. Dare I ask though — is it foolish of me to get my hopes up? ( and be frank. will he be sent back out into the fray or is this just a passing fancy? the big guy wants to know. )
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Y'know, when I helped those colonists out on Mar Sara, I didn't think it'd lead to ... whatever this is now.

Well, I guess we're both bucklin' down for a ride. Though the true 'glory'll' come when you get a machine that can play it. These LPs'll help at least.

Though, maybe you should look int' getting those books. The games ain't gonna tell you everything.
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Aren't you far too late in attempting to encourage proper introductions?

...a belated effort, at least.
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Everyone is talking about this horrible little fairy tale again. I do not see why.

Point the first: he becomes a monster through his own thoughtless actions. A man who has everything brings ruin upon himself and his entire household, and yet is deemed worthy of your pity.

Secondly, he appears to value the mademoiselle solely for her value as a captive and potential mate, and not for her own sake, whatever her stake in the matter.

Third, the story ends with an utterly laughable and unrealistic transformation which, I can assure you, is not vouchsafed those of us unlucky enough to be simply born with our affliction through no fault of our own.

Indeed, it is insulting, the hold this story has on those who consider themselves romantics. Erik is not at all entertained.
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if youre bored maybe you should finish up my app instead of... what are you doing anyway?
that doesn't sound like a very good use of your time, mun :/

i dont see how being excited about playing me means you cant do anything else
you can still work on my app while you wait for replies in those threads! i believe in you!! :D
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Not gonna happen, fuckface. So back off.

[ nice. charming. thanks for that, jessica. ]
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You know, the last game you sent me to I almost got my nuts crunched by a blond psychopath and a sentient rock headbutted me in the nose.


I'm not sure I trust you anymore.
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[She's seen how her clan carries on, and oh boy.] It does the heart good to see the my girls grow so unimaginably strong. That was always our destiny. I'm not surprised. I'm overjoyed, really. [Heh heh...] Beautiful sisters in arms. [And also... a small consideration..] It's nice to see Hyrule giving them their just dues, as well. I can't imagine how long it took for them to be considered equals. Can't blame them for being leery about letting others in after all we've been through, can you?
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I would officially like to address my displease towards the name of the golf manga I have encountered. As many might recall, I have been using 'laserbeam' for a name of my skill for a long time.

I can't help but think it's a joke on my anime debut, where I had eggplant hair and played golf, even though I cannot fully think of taking credit for a name and idea of a whole manga that way. But it is a rather strange coincidence.

Regardless, I am sure Robot x Laserbeam will be entertaining, as far as golf goes. Just because I am displease with its name doesn't make it bad automatically.



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