Mar. 28th, 2017

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Okay, so. I guess this is happening.

When I said I wanted out of Angel Grove, this isn't really what I had in mind, you know?
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So, you've come crawling back. I'm not surprised. Few who have tasted true power can resist its allure, you are no different. You want what I offer, but in ways very different than sycophants like Zant I will grant you. I would even go so far as to say your admired Zelda would be sickened by your true desire with seeking me out.

You enjoy the struggle. You enjoy seeing Hyrule brought to the brink, to see hope driven from all but two and to have them pushed to their limits. While you may enjoy that struggle, I do not take orders from you, and in time Hyrule will fall. Courage and Wisdom erode with time.

Only Power remains constant.

[OOC: Breath of the Wild characters are welcome, I only ask that spoilers be kept to a minimum beyond the series givens.]
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Yeah, I'm excited too. It looks cool and all, but... Did they really have to steal my best friend and give him to Peter?
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My, my. Look what the cat dragged in.
[ He takes a long drag of his cigarette, slowly leaning back in his chair. Despite the position, there's hardly a wrinkle on his suit-- Droog is, as always, immaculate, from the precise angle of his hat to the well-polished rings on his fingers. Once he's finished, he breathes out a languid curl of smoke, tapping the ash off the tip into the tray resting by his hand. There's a hazy halo around his head, twisting black and gray through the air as it begins to dissipate. ]

How long has it been, now-- well over a year, going by my records. Almost two, in fact. I can't say that I'm surprised you've come back around, however. I know you quite well by now, considering the fact that we've been doing this dance for as long as we have. You are...predictable.

But you're looking for something to do with me, I see. I'm sure we can come to an arrangement of some sort, so long as we keep a few important boundaries in mind. It's as we've discussed before-- you know my rules, and what happens to those that break them. I'll spare you the repetition.
[ Another pause, this one occupied by an appraising stare. The gears are turning in his head as he considers the possibilities, eventually giving a noncommittal half-shrug before he speaks again. ]
You say I'm not likely to find any more of the Crew here? A pity, to be sure, but I've managed well enough solo before-- I'm quite capable of handling myself. We'll just have to see what we can come up with when we get to...wherever it is you intend to send me.
What's that? You...say you have no idea.
[ Droog takes a deep breath, steepling his fingers in front of him. There's the tiniest flash of irritation across his face, barely perceptible in spite of the ever-present mask of calm-- that was far from the answer he was wanting to hear. ]

I'd suggest you get your plans in order as soon as possible-- I'm not exactly known for my patience, after all. [ A quiet hum, followed by the tiniest hint of a smirk-- he's careful to keep his composure in check, but the tension in his shoulders says that he's still far from thrilled. ] Regardless, I see you're not to be dissuaded-- an admirable trait. We'll see how long you last.

It will be a pleasure doing business with you again, mundane. I'm looking forward to another of our ventures.

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That city... was something else entirely.

[So many unexpected discoveries that are completely out of left field and practically with zero context?  Yeah.]
Spoilers for the end of the Ringed City. )
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Well, isn't this a surprise! We've come a long way since our initial acquaintance, haven't we, mun-san?

I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. I may be an empath, but I'm certainly not a mind-reader. I can't wager a guess as to your motivations behind this little development...but hmm...let's see... wasn't to chase after a Haruka, [Haughty sniff.] which is something I would have advised against, as she has to want to be caught --

[Stop deflecting, Michiru! It's entirely because of you!]

Far be it from me to shy from taking responsibility. If I am the one to blame, then, I shall make my penance in some fashion.

So? Where to begin? [Small smile.] It appears I am at your mercy. Be gentle, dear.
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I wouldn't bother with speculation, were I in your place. Idle guesses and augury will benefit neither of us.
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[dead eyed expression. pouty frown.]

I don't like either of these options.

[Well, too bad Link, because your mun is trash.]

...that isn't my fault.
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I certainly don't mind sharing the head-space with others, mun-san. After all, it's not like either of us have the time for a lot of extracurricular activity.

[It's okay to be a little greedy, Ami!]

I'm just glad that we could be together after all this time. As long as that stays the same, I don't mind being second, third...or even last! Sincerely!


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