Mar. 27th, 2017

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Not this again. You realize that you and I both are busy, yes?

I hope you won't waste our time. Time is money, after all--and you know how we both can't afford to be spendthrifts.

And I don't want to hear about how old you feel. You remember who you're talking to, don't you?

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Now don't be afraid, mundane! Branching out to new territory is what spurs growth! [Her voice goes a bit warm, a bit syrupy--] And it's very, very brave of you.

[Was the second 'very' really necessary?]

I'm sure you'll fit right in to the routine after a little earnest practice. I'm sure there are other citizens of Candy Kingdom and the greater Ooo on the whole wandering around.

Who knows? With luck maybe we'll find Lady! Or Peppermint Butler! Just keep chugging, mundane! Toot-toot!
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Hi. It's me again. While I'm incredibly happy that you finally gave in to my constant nagging and are letting me move, that doesn't mean you need to post around looking for a new partner for me. I'm not ready to let anyone in yet; trusting Peter was a big enough risk for me to take.

And who would want to partner with me since I'm so new? You've only been playing me for maybe a month. No one knows me. It's a big ask for someone to tie their character to me like that.

I'm happy with what I have, and I can work alone for a while. I've already got the only person I need.
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Don't sweat it, you got this Sister. This will be SUUUPER easy!

Left hip up, left hand on hip, and right arm out. Now switch! Right hip up, right hand on hip, and left arm out. See? Easy!

[Franky, it's an app your mun has to write, not dance. =w=]

...what? You need to write something out?


Oh well. I'll send you dancing support from this end! You'll have an awesome week to do this! [He thumbs with a grin!]

[While his mun is =.=]

Which reminds me. Whenever I do drop in, I can bend my buns to steel right?
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[A cute little girl in a gingham dress gives an overt curtsy.]

Good evening, mundane!

I'm so honored to be your first child character! I just hope everything goes ever-so-nicely for the two of us, don't you?

[She smiles so very sweetly. It would make many want to gag from how saccharine it is.]

[Resuming the very sweet, demure tone:] You're planning on sending me to a game, right? Gosh, I hope I don't end up locked away as a homeless character!

[She mutters under her breath as her eyes flash briefly with malice:] You'd better not do that...
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So, when am I joining a game? Something like, "Hottie Smorgasbord".

Older men, barely legal men, tall guys, small guys, intellectuals and tough guys, shy cuties and refined know-it-alls, fighters and lovers, guys with glasses and guys with tails... There's gotta be a place jam-packed with them, right?

As long as they're good people. Because I have standards.
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But...I don't think I can lock dimensions.
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Hold on a moment.

Hold on. Slow down. Take a second to think, alright?

I know you've been wanting to do something with me again, but...there? Didn't you just send that Celia girl there not too long ago? Shouldn't you wait a bit for her to settle in before you go putting anyone else in there?

How would you expect me to get out of the Bay, anyway? The water might not be deep, but even so, it's a risk; you know that water and I don't mix all that well.
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Thou wouldst seek to have this old man beholden to thine whims?

A foolish thought. Were I to sever you at the neck, perhaps I could empty you of such thoughts as they spill from thine neck...
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Strange time to be feeling nostalgic, isn't it? Not that I blame you — we, all of us, fall prey to sentiment every now and then. You just— you're more susceptible to the rise and fall, the crests and the waves. But I suppose that's the thing with godlike power. You don't really have to care. You can do as you please.

I tried to get that point across, but, well— ignorance is bliss, isn't it?


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