Mar. 25th, 2017

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[and guess whose mun is yucking it up over said series.]

I hardly see how this is "canon review," Mundane. That young woman is nothing like me; in fact, this all feels very much like one of Slav's proposed alternate realities. For one, I do not have a nanny. And Keith? Piloting the Black Lion from the very start? Simply ridiculous!

And I still fail to understand why you are so obsessed with--


--with Zarkon's son.
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Yeah, so you saw the new movie. That's great and all but it's going to be awhile before you can see it again and keep this going. There's also the whole conflict that might form with the older rangers, as you're thinking. Like, there's a lot of changes. Some things are basically the same, I guess, but you're really stirring the pot.

Have fun, I guess? And get me back to Angel Grove soon.
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Look, I get you've been looking forward to this for a while now. It sounded interesting on paper too, but-

[He hesitates, shaking his head. This is not what he's fought for all these years.]

... All those people...

[Of all the things he thought he would be broken over, the sheer devastation wrought by Kalki's destructive plan was not one of them. He'd spent far too long trying to forget the Tower, forget the sight of his worlds destroyed, and now it's happening all over again.

'At least you're not alone this time, right?']

Yeah, I guess... but knowing what's ahead, and what I won't know back there...

Can't say I'm excited about that reunion.


Mar. 25th, 2017 08:40 am
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You don't have the slightest idea what you're doing, do you?

You might want to figure it out before we get started. Just an idea! But let me guess: You're not going to listen to me. Don't worry, you wouldn't be the first and you won't be the last. Call me when you need my help fixing this mess, and maybe I'll listen.
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I suppose I should have expected this.

[ a beat: ] Good to know you're still paying attention.
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So you just, you do this? You pretend to be other people online.

Alright. That's cool. That's not too weird, really. I mean, it's kind of weird. It is. But you can do it. Doesn't hurt anybody.

You should do that thing for your friend where you make little pictures of Jason's face so she can pretend to be him and we can hang out together. That would be cool. You should do that. Because, I mean, otherwise, I don't really got anybody to talk to.
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 I am happy.

I am fine.

It's been a crazy ride, but we're all going to be okay. 
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[Bruce just has a bit of a flat stare, neither surprised, hardly impressed, but ready to go.

One of his various default expressions, actually.]

If you're ready to work this out again, you know where to find me. You think you can be patient enough this time around?

[And now he smirks.]

I think we're both patient, when it counts. Get those months of training in, we've got work to do.

[No Bruce it's not training but #ok]
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As excited as you are to be re-working the AU and many of the changes you have made have piqued my attention, and I do look forward with the utmost fascination to the intriguing details I'm to experience, you have been rather remiss with a number of points. Allow me to expound.

I am still branded a traitor, and you and I both know, as should the rest of the Organization, I am a scientist. Replication myself simply comes with the territory. On top of the erroneous assumption that I am not to be trusted because I've sent such a creature in my place before while I remain to tend to experiments that should not be left unsupervised- you have that detestably ignoble lout still destroying my work wherever he finds it, leaving little, if anything, salvageable. Though given the grade of items I am forced into working with then abandoning, it's regrettably understandable.

To say nothing of this nonsense that I even have a heart- I distinctly recall losing it-, and the nonsense at Oblivion was simply that. Nonsense and mere slips on my behalf. Certainly no mere acts of emotions. They died, I could not save them and not for want of attempting it, and now the Riku Replica is wondering around with Zexion's element under its command, and as pleasing as it is to know it is as every bit as successful as no. i, it still should not have happened. To say nothing about how each believe I am dead, too. [....And away from Awkward Topics that are still far to fresh in his heart mind for comfort.]

I don't suppose I could talk you into working some manner of destruction upon my Proof of Existence Panel? I have no desire to be Dusk'd or worse if found, nor have keyblades pointed at myself yet again. I'm certain you'll agree it can be hazardous to one's health.

Or, perhaps, allowing me to either view, or access the memories of the 'Xemnas crashes into the 'Coder' incident. I do believe it would be a fascinating study on why one does not neglect to install a forcefield around it.
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[personal profile] miphasgrace not fret for my sake. Even if I am not destined to have a permanent place in this world, or wherever else you wish to take me...

If I may say... I am happy to simply be here.

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So you're finally unleashing me after approximately...I don't know, ten thousand years? Believe it or not, I was really starting to miss all the excitement of the universe. All its twists and turns, all the incredible beauty of the universe beyond what we've seen before.

But I admit I'm feeling a certain apprehension I haven't felt before. Well...that's not entirely true. I have felt it before, measuring up to my friends...but now we have ourselves from an alternate reality to consider. They're incredible people, particularly that narcissism?

[Aaaawkward laugh.]

In any case, I have a job to do. Back to action, right?


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