Mar. 24th, 2017

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[What the fuck do you mean he doesn't get to record a message on one of them newfangled camera contraptions.]

Naruto. Hinata.

this is hard to do )
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I don't know why you're so nervous. You've played other characters like me before. Well, yes, of course they weren't as polite, calm, cool, and collected as I am. But that's the fun for you.

[The writer points out that he has a temper and doesn't know where this 'calm, cool, collected' statement comes from.]

Well there's an easy way around that: don't anger me.

[He chuckles softly. Well, at least one of them is amused.]

Look, you're going to be fine. Everyone is going to be so excited to see any Rhys, they'll forgive any shortcomings until you're caught up. Besides, you read my canon, not like I'm actually in any of the games, so, you know enough about me to get by.

Just take a deep breath and go!
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[Practically coughed out from a quasi-laugh.]


You thinkin' I ain't waiting, too?

Nahww. You're in goooooood company... [An emphatic point.] partner-in-crime o' mine.

Suuuure! I coulda done without losing that -- [Creeping kinda-whisper.] -- certain special you-know-what -- I coulda sure as all hell well done without that!

[Aaaand tonal spike and halfway shouting!]

But you know what?! I'm liking what I'm hearin' about this place!

You keep me away from all that - [Airquotes.] - "god" bull-shit and... [Edge of a chortle.] ...I keep eatin' my mama's cooking...

And you and me?

[Claps hands together, laces fingers!]


We are gonna have a damn good time!
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Oh gosh! Oh goodness gosh! This is so exciting!

I get to be a real live, bonafide, SUPER HERO! I can't believe it! I want to leap with joy!

And who knows, I might finally find my dream mate in the game! We'll fight crime together as a blissfully wedded couple for justice! Our marriage will be a major comic book event, with everyone from all the various other properties in the comicverse showing up as guests! But it will be interrupted by a jealous fiend who hates love! But my darling will assure me that our love is stronger than any foe! We'll crush the dastardly villain and true happiness and wedded joy will prevail! Our children will have super powers and we'll form a crime busting family!

It's the perfect dream! I'm gonna die~!
-Her gushing ends with a more literal gush of blood that bursts from her nose and she collapses from the intensity of her own imagination...

... what a weirdo.-


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