Mar. 18th, 2017

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It's almost been a year since you saw the show and now you're doing this? You're just gonna forget all about me again.

And this face? I know it's hard to find Broadway icons but can she even sing?

[ no the mun has no idea what she's doing. ]
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Gods, this is pathetic. Buncha fools rushing headlong into trouble over nothing. It wouldn't be such a problem if they weren't all so self-righteous about it. Love for your fellow Magi? Ha! Don't make me gag. That sentimental shit isn't getting anyone anywhere fast. I miss Z. Hell, I almost miss the rest of them.


If they all die that just leaves more killin' for me, right?
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It's bad enough that I'm going to be human but really must you label all my clothing including my jim-jams with the words, "Jim jams are sexy"? And a t-shirt with,"Doctor Sexy is In."

You know I am aware.
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Babysitting teenagers for a week.

[Long pause.]


So between classes, how do you propose I find time to shove my hands in a blender?
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Stop it.

I care not if you think it would be cute. I care not if you think that Keith and I work well together, or whatever other combinations of people you want to muddy around with. I am not amused in the least by this and I am not searching for anything romantic! Especially not when it is going to result in embarrassing things like... Like... this!!

Keith and I are acquaintances. So what if he has helped me when I needed it in the past? That is no reason to push things to such a degree!

But of course you are not going to listen to me, are you?
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I get to be grown-up again?!?!

For a whole week?!?!

And Shadow and Zelda will be there too?!

....this is going to be GREAT!!!
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Finally you make a journal befitting one such as myself. I was getting tired of sitting around collecting dust. However, if you wish to place me in one of these 'games' of yours, you know my demands.

[...Far too well Roz. Far too well.]

I will say it is disconcerting that you are considering sending me somewhere that lacks Taro or Tink, but I suppose that battle maniac will do as a servant.

[That's no way to talk about your boyfriend.]

...Did you say something?

[No. Nothing.]

That's what I thought.
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Took you long enough.

Now don't let me distract you, go back to your thing. Which was kind of my thing until a moment ago, but we're all set, more or less.

Drag B over here and we'll be juuuuuuuust fine.
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I'm sure that everything... everything's gonna end up fine.

You just gotta wait 'til Wednesday.  You'll see.

I hope. 


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