Mar. 16th, 2017

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You're assuming that there are people out there who need someone like me around, first off. In the rough ten seconds I've spent glancing back and forth, I've seen more kids with magic powers than I'm comfortable with. I'm pretty sure the ones who can bench press a grown man's weight would easily be able to beat someone like Gren's face into a pulp. Between the two of us, I'm actually hoping they already have, by some contrived miracle of space-time magical bullshit.

So no, I really doubt they need my help sorting out their messes, and I'm pretty sure the only other option that leaves you with is giving me a well-deserved vacation. Which in any other situation would be...sorta flattering, I guess, but I can't help but feel like it'd just be moving me from one giant mess to another.

Call it a hunch.
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Hey Miss Mundane,

I know you've had a rough time lately, but I'm glad to see everything is starting to get better for you. Life is tough, but I know you can make it through whatever comes your way. 

If you think you're ready to give it another chance, I'd love to see everyone back in Empatheias too. There's so many people that I miss and some many new faces to greet. I wonder if Roxas is doing okay...? I hope he's not too depressed since I've left...

Well both be okay. I have faith that we'll make it through this together.
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It has been 86 days since you last saw the movie for the second time, and you still are thinking about me.

I suppose I should say I'm flattered. I'm not, though. You should really move on.
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It's nice of you to bring me out to see him. You know how much I miss him. (There is a brief spark of happiness, but it doesn't last; it rarely does these days. The dead can only hope and strive towards singular goals.)

They know I won't give up. He needs me and I'm not letting a little thing like death stand in the way.


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